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At Danske Commodities, we are entrepreneurs at heart. We constantly challenge the status quo and keep our eyes open for new collaboration opportunities. This is why we have launched the Business Accelerator programme welcoming new commercial ideas into our business. Are you ready to accelerate?


Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established player in commodity trading, Danske Commodities can help accelerate your growth by financing business development, covering investment risks and making our experience, network, infrastructure and independent brand available for you.


Danske Commodities is already an established player in wholesale power and gas trading. Our Business Accelerator programme targets commercial opportunities and expert capabilities that further diversify Danske Commodities' business model in commodity trading.

Levy Exemption Certificates (LEC)

Changing market conditions are a catalyst for innovation. The way we handled the Levy Exemption Certificate business is the best proof of that.

Mads Schmidt Christensen, Head of Strategy & Communications at Danske Commodities

In 2001, the UK introduced a climate change levy, imposing a tax on electricity or the option to acquire a so-called “Levy Exemption Certificate” (LEC) at a marginally lower price. In short, LECs were issued by the UK energy regulator, Ofgem, to renewable electricity producers across Europe and exported to the UK, where they were purchased as a proof of renewable origin of the energy.

To capture the value in this market, Danske Commodities incubated a team of external experts that could accredit renewable power producers. At the same time, dc used its in-house climate certificate trading desk to export and sell the accredited LECs at the highest possible price, thereby maximising the value for the producers and for Danske Commodities.  

By combining internal and external capabilities, Danske Commodities gained a competitive advantage lasting from 2012 to 2015, where the UK government removed the LECs scheme. In this period, the LEC business was one of Danske Commodities’ most profitable business areas, and it remains one of the company's major successes in terms of innovating under changing market conditions.

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