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At Danske Commodities, we believe that a dedicated and measurable approach to Corporate Social Responsibility can make a lasting impact and lead to real societal change. Take a look at our unique approach to CSR and our current project in Mali.


By identifying and supporting CSR-initiatives that are closely linked to our business, we wish to empower people and seek to make a difference to the societies that we are a part of.

And we are serious about it, too. We evaluate potential projects and calculate the positive effects for society, making sure that we create the biggest impact possible. Every year, we repeat measuring the effects and develop reports to ensure that our contribution is constantly making a difference for those who need it most. 


CSR project
Danske Commodities CSR Light over Mali

Light over Mali

The aim of the project is to provide village schools and health clinics with solar panels, making the rural Malinese population less dependent on natural lighting. The solar panels generate and store energy during the day, which can be used to light up the schools and health clinics after dark.

By installing solar panels, the schools can educate the adult population of the villages, when they are not working. Also, when solar panels are installed at the health clinics, they can function after dark. 

With this project, we provide electricity to thousands of people, who are living without energy today - thereby improving the living conditions of the people in the villages. 

Every year


new Malinese villages are provided with solar panels

Every year


adults receive education after dark

Every year


Malians are given access to light

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