Henrik Lind appointed as CEO of Danske Commodities

Aarhus, 4. October 2016

Henrik Lind has served jointly as interim CEO of Danske Commodities with Chairman Peter L. Ravn since 8 August while the Board undertook a recruitment process for a new CEO with an executive search firm. Mr Lind has resigned from the Board of Directors and has been succeeded as Vice Chairman by Volker Beckers who joined the Board in January 2016.

Commenting on the appointment, Chairman Peter L. Ravn said: “When considering the choice of CEO, the Board took into account the need for a deep understanding and experience of the rapidly evolving energy landscape and a strong match with the culture and values at Danske Commodities. Against our criteria for the ideal CEO, the Board came to the unanimous decision that Henrik was clearly the best among the candidates to lead Danske Commodities as CEO for the long term.

“To ensure Danske Commodities maintains its strong corporate governance system going forward, Henrik’s role as CEO has been separated fully from his role as founder and majority owner,” said Mr Ravn.

Danske Commodities CEO Henrik Lind said: “I am excited by the challenge to lead Danske Commodities. Over the last two months I have had the opportunity to see at first hand the strength of the team that is in place and the potential ahead. More than a decade since it was founded, the independence, agility and speed to market that were present at the beginning remain core to Danske Commodities’ DNA.

“I am taking responsibility for a business that has a market-leading trading setup, an excellent track record within short-term physical trading, and a presence on all major European exchanges and hubs. I look forward to leading Danske Commodities through the ongoing transformation in the energy markets and finding new opportunities to manage risk and create value for our customers,” said Mr Lind.


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