Being a student at DC

Welcome to our melting pot of talented students, who come from all over the world and from diverse academic backgrounds. And while they might differ in professional composition, they share a status-quo-challenging mindset and sky-high ambitions.


Since the very beginning, young talents have been pillars in the foundation of DC. Our founder Henrik Lind started the company with young graduates fresh out of university more than 15 years ago and together they set out to make DC the leading energy trading company. And today, with roughly 20% of our people being student employees, young talents continue to lead the way and make their mark in an ever-changing energy industry.  

In a highly competitive energy business, we rely on young visionary minds to challenge current practices and introduce new and smarter ways of working – and we make sure to continue their growth.

Sidsel Andersen Risager, Senior Development Specialist


Mette Thornvig Heiselberg

Mette Thornvig Heiselberg

Studying: European Business Law

Position: Junior Legal Assistant

Fun fact: I've never seen a single Star Wars movie

Mikkel Grønbo

Mikkel Grønbo

Studying: IT, Communication & Organisation

Position: Junior Marketing Coordinator

Fun fact: I am the uncrowned world champion of scrambled eggs

Nina Julia Krysinska

Nina Julia Krysinska

Studying: Business-to-business Marketing & Purchasing

Position: Junior Accountant

Fun fact: I am addicted to chocolate

Michal Stoklasa

Michal Stoklasa

Studying: Value Chain Management

Position: Junior Process Improvement & Automation Consultant

Fun fact: I almost quit my job at HPE to become a professional cook

Iida Komi

Iida Komi

Studying: Economics and Business Administration

Position: Junior Commercial Business Developer

Fun fact: I used to drive a tractor and wheel loader as part of my former job

Peter Tang Knudsen

Peter Tang Knudsen

Studying: Economics and Management

Position: Junior Trading operational Analyst

Fun fact: I am colourblind and can among other things not tell the difference between red, green and brown m&m's

Nikolaj Koustrup Oddershede

Nikolaj Koustrup Oddershede

Studying: Finance & International Business

Position: Junior Business Controller

Fun fact: I always put on my left shoe first

Morten Ross

Morten Ross

Studying: Economics and Management

Position: Junior Portfolio Manager

Fun fact: I have completed three marathons and an Ironman

Justina Moceviciute

Justina Moceviciute

Studying: Finance

Position: Junior Business Developer

Fun fact: I have hiked Mount Fuji at night to see the sunrise in the morning

Clara Haahr

Clara Haahr

Studying: Corporate Communication

Position: Junior People Development Specialist

Fun fact: In sixth grade, I reached the semifinals of the official Recitals Championship in Denmark


Looking for an adventure? Enter the ever-changing and fast-paced world of energy trading and join a company of specialists, where no two days are the same. Take a look at our open positions.

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