Meet Astrid Wulff Sørensen

Studying: Law 
Position: Junior Legal Assistant
Employed since: June 2018
Fun fact: I can reverse a tractor and a 40 ft (12 m) trailer stacked with bales of straw


I was born and raised on a large farm on the countryside of Denmark (hence my fun fact). I originally wanted to become a florist but quickly discovered that flowers attracts bees so I changed my mind and decided to go with law instead.


As a company DC is very inspiring – certainly because of the success of the company but also because of the way employees talk about DC. When I asked people who work here if they could tell me a bit about the company, the first thing people responded was always that they loved being here due to their colleagues and the great company spirit that is a huge part of DC. Of course I wanted to become a part of that but I also wanted to work at a place where I was challenged and able to develop both my personal and professional skills which I can confirm is the case at DC.

Everyone knows so much and people are so committed in creating value in every aspect of DC.

Astrid Wulff Sørensen, Junior Legal Assistant


I am a Junior Legal Assistant in Group Legal with focus on compliance. Therefore, I work with our Compliance Officer on various things related to compliance, which basically means that we figure out and interpret different laws and regulations and determine how they are to be understood and applied (or not applied) throughout the different teams in DC. That includes keeping an eye on new laws and regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), anti-money laundering, anti-bribery etc. I also help with presentations that are used to keep my colleagues up-to-date, and I make reports and follow-ups so we constantly are aware of what the different teams are working on.


In our small Compliance team, we try our best to stay close with all teams in DC so they continue coming to us if they have any questions. Therefore, we participate in some of the teams’ meetings and in general I have a lot of ongoing communication throughout the entire DC organisation. There is always something new and fun that needs to be done – whether it is questions that I have to answer, tasks that must be done or new things that I simply just need to read and understand in order for me to be able to do my job. And of course, when I am working on Fridays, I always have a piece (or two) of cake in the afternoon.


We often have questions coming in from the different teams about areas of DC business that is either new or maybe just slightly different than what we are used to. Then I have to “investigate” and figure out how the team must act according to the law that applies which requires me to know a lot about DC in general. I am still new at this, which is why the best part of my job must be that on top of learning a lot every day, help is always just around the corner! Everyone knows so much and people are so committed in creating value in every aspect of DC that it does not matter what you are asking – I always get an answer and that is so rewarding for me!

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