Meet Clara Haahr

Studying: Corporate Communication
Position: Junior People Development Specialist
Employed since: August 2020
Fun fact: In sixth grade, I reached the semifinals of the official Recitals Championship in Denmark


I grew up in a small town in northern Jutland called Mariager. After I finished high school, I decided to leave Mariager and move to Canada to go live in the mountains and be able to ski every day. It was an amazing experience and I almost didn’t come back to Denmark again - but the voice of reason talked me into going back so that I could start my studies. So, I moved to Aarhus and started studying International Business Communication. And good thing I did, because starting at the university turned out to be so much fun – and it confirmed me in my presumed interest in language and communication.

But after a while I felt the urge to leave again – so I chose to spend my fourth semester in Scotland as an exchange student. And another great experience that was. After my return, I was finally ready to commit completely to Aarhus, and I got a job in the HR department at WhiteAway Group. Here, my eyes opened to the diverse and interesting field of HR and I learned that this was just the right thing for me. This turned out to be my stepping stone for entering DC, and I am so grateful for that.

Clara Haahr


I have heard great things about being an employee at DC but what motivated me mostly about working in DC was that I immediately got the vibe that it is an organisation that takes students and their development very seriously. Also, everyone here is just super skilled and good at what they do which is very inspiring.

Everyone here is just super skilled and good at what they do which is very inspiring

Clara Haahr, Junior People Development Specialist


In DC, I am part of the People Development team and I work very closely with our People Development Specialist. Put simply, she is responsible for all leaders’ and employees’ continuous development and I support her work in doing so. This, for example, is by means of setting up and organising workshops, leadership training courses, individual development plans, and talent programmes. In general, many of my tasks are project driven and are shaped by the current development focus in DC. In addition, I run DC’s internal learning hub called DC University and make sure that everyone in DC has the opportunity to have their skills strengthened.


I always start the day with a bowl of vanilla skyr and a nice cup of coffee. Then I go through my emails and check if there are any DCU course-signups. After that, I look into which DCU activities are planned for the day and make sure that the given instructor is ready and that the participants have all the information they need. After each course I make sure to send out evaluation surveys to the participants and brief the instructor with the results. Other than that, my tasks during a typical day are highly dynamic and will depend on which projects we are currently working on in the People Development team.

Clara Haahr best part about my job


The best part of my job is definitely the fact that I get to work in a highly independent manner. My colleagues have full trust in what I do and they allow my great responsibility which is quite an amazing opportunity for a student worker. Also, the office vibe is just amazing and we always have fun during the day.

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