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Studying: Economics and Management
Position: Junior Risk Analyst, Risk Management
Employed since: June 2017
Fun fact: I am a hobby cyclist and I am currently planning on going to Paris by bike


Growing up in the countryside on a small farm just outside of Aarhus sparked an interest in natural sciences. However, I also dreamt of working in a bank or a similar organisation. Thus, studying either engineering or economics seemed natural. I ended up choosing economics and I am currently halfway through my Master’s degree in Economics and Management.

Daniel Skov Jensen


Studying Economics and Management in Aarhus makes DC a perfect match as an employer which provides the necessary flexibility to be able to balance studies and work. From various job fairs, DC also seemed like a place with a dynamic work environment where people enjoy working and are willing to make the extra effort. Ultimately, I wanted to work at DC to get hands-on experience with what I learn through my education and challenge myself both professionally and personally. 

Studying Economics and Management in Aarhus makes DC a perfect employer which provides the necessary flexibility to be able to balance studies and work.

Daniel Skov Jensen, Junior Risk Analyst


I am a part of the Risk Management team where we focus on Market- and Credit Risk within the energy sector. My tasks are mainly for the Market Risk part of the Risk Management team. As a Junior Risk Analyst, my job is to assist in developing new or existing reports and tools for daily monitoring to help develop the risk management of DC by employing Excel/VBA, Power BI or similar software. Further, it is my job to assist the Risk Managers on various ad hoc assignments.


A typical workday is not easy to define as two days are never the same and can change depending on which tasks are the most critical ones. Usually though, my workday entails working on a project whether it is to build a new report for relevant stakeholders, maintain and develop existing reports or provide tools that can be useful for my colleagues in analysing or explaining results or developments in key parameters.

Daniel Skov Jensen best part about my job


The best part of my job is that I am being challenged and learn every time I am at work through my tasks and my colleagues. It means that my job allows me to apply and gain a better understanding of the theoretical stuff I acquire through my education but also the energy markets and financial markets in general.

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