Meet Jakob Erik Jensen

Studying: Statistics
Position: Junior Analyst
Employed since: January 2021
Fun fact: My favourite alchohol is homemade sloe schnapps


I’ve always loved working with numbers. Whether it was within the fields of math, physics and chemistry in high school, or calculating angles and lengths of planks when building a shed. Fresh out of high school, I started studying at Copenhagen Business School but I quickly found that I was more interested in mathematics rather than economics in general. As such, it was the natural choice for me to study mathematics. During my education I was introduced to the power of programming in R and Python, and I quickly became passionate about automatisation and data science. I have taken several courses from the Data Science Master's education and these courses along with my primary education have definitely come in handy during my work in DC.

Jakob Erik Jensen


Initially, I already had a job as a teaching assistant at Aarhus University. In many ways this was a nice and steady job, but it wasn’t very exciting. I found DC through the University's job portal, and I quickly got a feeling that this was a company in which I could gain a lot of practical experience while solving interesting tasks. During my studies, I have learned a lot of theory and I wanted to try it out in the real world. So far, DC has lived up to all my expectations.

I have several important assignments in building useful tools for the traders

Jakob Erik Jensen, Junior Analyst


In DC, I spend most of my time programming. I work in the Power Markets Analysis team and more or less all of my projects are about handling data. My job offers a lot of variation and no two projects are the same. For example, a typical project can last from a couple of weeks to several months depending on the complexity. My main task is making data easily available for traders. This means a lot of things, but often includes visualising data in graphs and tables by combining data from several databases. Other tasks include standardising data from several data suppliers into an easily accessible format or maintaining mathematical models trying to do predictions. Overall, the programs that I write must have a focus on scalability and automatisation.


A typical day at work ofent includes building applications and programs in close cooperation with the end-users. It is an iterative process in which I constantly receive feedback during development, ensuring that mistakes are caught early and that the final product is what the users envisioned. Physically, I sit right next to the traders that are actually using my programs so I have a lot of interaction with them during the day. I often spar with my colleagues in the Power Markets Analysis team whenever I run into a problem, and often, this quickly leads to a solution.

Jakob Erik Jensen best part about my job


The best part of my job is how exciting it is. Even though I am "just" a Junior Analyst, I have several important assignments in building useful tools for the traders. I myself have a lot of influence on which tasks I am given so I never end up sitting around doing something I don’t like. This means that I always look forward to trying to solve my tasks in the best way possible. It happens that I stay at work for much longer than planned, simply because I get so caught up in my work.

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