Meet Mads Buhl Johansen

Studying: International Economic Consulting
Position: Junior Business Controller
Employed since: October 2020
Fun fact: I am extremely terrified of human-sized dolls


I am born and raised in Kolding as the oldest of four siblings. Being curious by nature, I took up various spare time activities from football and badminton to playing drums and guitar. After finishing high school at the local business school, an interest in language, people, and new cultures led me to teach English in Nicaragua, and afterwards to a one-year internship at a consulting firm in Berlin.

For the past three years, I have studied Economics and Business Administration, and I am currently studying a master’s degree in International Economic Consulting. I am particularly engaged by the focus from the study of acquiring universal skills within problem solving that can be applied to real life situations. My interest in exploring a broad range of opportunities is still present in DC where I have a great workplace to continue satisfying my curiosity from childhood.

Mads Buhl Johansen


DC has a great reputation among students in Aarhus of being one of the best workplaces for developing its employees. Also, it is a Danish leading energy trading house which taps into the current development towards sustainable solutions for the future. Furthermore, I had always been convinced that at DC, I would join a team of highly skillful people which I would learn a lot from as a student employee.

DC has a great reputation among students in Aarhus of being one of the best workplaces for developing its employees

Mads Buhl Johansen, Junior Business Controller


Being a part of the Business Controlling unit, our tasks consist of supporting the business teams with transparent profit-and-loss (P&L) results, and optimising financial processes across databases and systems. As the life of a student employee can lead to sporadic working hours, I am less engaged in operational tasks and mostly engaged in building tools and optimising performance of exisiting ones to keep processes running fast and smooth. Otherwise, I take up various ad hoc coding tasks from my colleagues, primarily from my own team but also from across the organisation.


Most of the time I am working on larger projects which vary from individual coding on my own to meetings across the different business units. Thus, most of my work is carried out in either SQL or VBA, and I primarily draw on a mix of knowledge on how to code efficiently, and rely on creativity to come up with the best possible solution.

Mads Buhl Johansen best part about my job


The best part of my job is the trust I have experienced from day one in two ways: First, DC invests a lot in its people, and employees are offered the time to extend professional capabilities, whether that be through courses in management or coding and programming. Second, trust is also present when new projects are assigned as I am more or less allowed to come up with my own solutions to the subject matter.

Finally, I am part of a young team with very talented colleagues whom I am able to learn from every day. That, I find, is not to take for granted.

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