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Studying: Economics and Business Administration
Position: Junior Executive Assistant
Employed since: April 2020
Fun fact: I broke my right elbow during the first week at university. I am right handed


Born and raised in and around Aarhus, I’ve spent most of my life in this lovely city, but that does not mean I do not love to travel. In high school, I went on three fantastic study trips, and had the time of my life in Beijing, likely being in the top 1% tallest people in the city. After high school, I went to London for a year working in e-commerce for a retailer of Scandinavian design. Even though I fell in love with the city and had a lot of fun, I decided to come back to Aarhus to study my bachelor’s in Economics and Business Administration. My first interview with DC was actually scheduled for 12 March 2020, but then everything closed down, so I got to be one of the first to try out virtual Corona-interviews.

Mathias Hoffmeyer


It was made very clear to me early on that the DC culture was quite special and that the company was great to work for as a student. From the interviews, it was also clear that responsibility was up for grabs for those who showed that they wanted it, which fit me perfectly.

It was made very clear to me early on that the DC culture was quite special and that the company was great to work for as a student

Mathias Hoffmeyer, Junior Executive Assistant


In the CEO Office, we provide support to DC’s CEO on all manner of tasks and projects, spanning strategy, organisation, communication and operations. In addition, we are responsible for all matters related to meetings in the Senior Leadership team and the Board of Directors. My role is probably best described as being 25% scheduled tasks and 75% ad-hoc tasks, as new actions land on our desk every week. So far, I have been involved in everything from corporate strategy development, preparing material for the Board of Directors, preparing onboarding material for new VPs, developing financial forecasts, and much more.


DC is a very dynamic company and my typical workday is very hard to define. But often, my day starts with a quick check-in with my leader to align on the priorities of the day and the week. From there, the day could go in various directions depending on the what is going on in the company. It could be everything from preparing material for a town hall meeting and taking part in meetings related to strategy or forecasting, to planning and scheduling various meetings and proofreading meeting minutes.

Mathias Hoffmeyer best part about my job


I think I have one of Aarhus’ best student jobs. I really enjoy the birds-eye-view I get of DC and the insight into what it takes to lead a fast-moving trading firm. Additionally, as my role is very open, I am exposed to a wide variety of tasks and I get to interact with people all across DC, which is great.

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