Meet Mikkel Grønbo

Studying: IT, Communication & Organisation
Position: Junior Marketing Coordinator
Employed since: January 2020
Fun fact: I am the uncrowned world champion of scrambled eggs


I grew up in a city not far from Aarhus – Silkeborg – where a major part of my life was swimming on elite level. When I moved to Aarhus, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a journalist by taking on a job as a waiter – by advice from a well-established profile in the field – while volunteering at Aarhus Student Radio and an online news medium, writing about American Football. My journalistic dreams failed, however, and I ended up studying Business Communication at Aarhus University instead. That path led me down a marketing-heavy road, which is where I found DC – luckily, just when we needed each other.

Mikkel Grønbo


The possibility of working for one of Europe’s sharpest energy trading companies, and one of the largest companies in Denmark, spoke very much to me. Other than that, DC is renowned for its great, diverse, international and educating environment, in which there’s room for development and responsibility if you want it – who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

DC is renowned for its great, diverse, international and educating environment – who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Mikkel Grønbo, Junior Marketing Coordinator


The majority of my job in general is to support the rest of the Strategy- and Communications Team, meaning that I get to work on many different assignments within the field of marketing and communication from a specific strategic point of view. On a more concrete level, I am responsible for maintaining and updating the DC websites, DC social media and other various tasks that the team might need. This means that I draft all sorts of posts – from vacancies over fun, everyday-stories to press releases, while implementing new SoMe strategies along with our Communications Specialist.  Later, I analyse the data from our efforts on all social media channels as well as our websites in an effort to learn what works and what doesn’t. I also participate in some fairs and career days in Germany and Denmark.


Because I work with both internal and external communication in DC, my typical work day is very much shaped by what happens at DC or events related to our company. These typically entail updates on both social media and the website and take various forms.

Mikkel Grønbo best part about my job


The feeling that I am a vital part of the DC strategy and the face of the company makes my work and my efforts seem valuable which is a big motivational factor for me. Other than that, the fact that I get to work on very different tasks throughout the day and throughout the week is a privilege that I enjoy a lot.

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