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Studying: Economics and Management
Position: Junior Portfolio Manager
Employed since: April 2019
Fun fact: I have completed three marathons and an Ironman


Mathematics have always been among my greatest interests, so after having studied mathematics and physics on Kolding Gymnasium I started studying Economics and Management at Aarhus University. Before becoming a part of Danske Commodities, I worked as a teaching assistant in mathematics and microeconomics at Aarhus University. My studies have provided me with a mathematical toolbox, which I use every day at Danske Commodities for problem solving and optimisation.

Morten Ross


I believe that the essence of knowledge is to use it, not to possess it. Therefore, it was essential for me to link academic skills with practical skills, which led me to Danske Commodities, where I could apply the skillset obtained at Aarhus University and further develop my competencies, broaden my perspective and kick start my career. One of my fellow students recommended Danske Commodities for its great working environment and from the first minute of my first interview here, I knew that this was the right place for me.

From the first minute of my first interview here, I knew that this was the right place for me.

Morten Ross, Junior Trading Analyst


As a Trader Analyst I am developing and executing data-driven and bot/algorithmic trading strategies for continuous and auction-based power trading on all major European markets. I provide the trading tools necessary to execute on comprehensive trading strategies and patterns under time pressure. Furthermore, I develop performance evaluation metrics and reporting procedures for trading activities to create and manage the best trading incentives for both data-driven and human trading, and to closely monitor profitability of individual markets and activities.


Not one day is the same at Danske Commodities. My assignments depend on the time of year, but in general it is very much as one could expect from being a Quant. I fiddle with data and convert it to trading strategies. Data is worth nothing if not turned into knowledge and this is what I try to do at DC every day. What I find very special at Danske Commodities is that I never do anything that I don’t think is interesting and besides that I have a lot of responsibility. If I have an idea, my supervisor always listens and let me look at it.

Andreas Thoft Jensen best part about my job


I really enjoy the competitive environment, where everyone has a drive to learn. Here, I have highly competent colleges who always seek to challenge themselves, which give me the best possible prerequisites to constantly challenge myself and improve. Furthermore, the flexible working hours make it possible to work and study at the same time.

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