Meet Nikolaj Koustrup Oddershede

Studying: Finance & International Business
Position: Junior Business Controller
Employed since: December 2018
Fun fact: I always put on my left shoe first


I grew up in a smaller city, situated at the very north-western part of Denmark and close to the North Sea.

During the last couple of years in high school, I was a semi-professional handball player, which was – and still is – one of my great passions.

Upon graduation from high school, I moved to the German capital, Berlin, to gain some work experience and improve my German speaking proficiency in an international environment.

In 2016, I started studying B.Sc., Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus University, which included an exchange semester at the University of Greenwich in London, UK.

Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Finance & International Business, which has gained me loads of valuable knowledge and new skills that I can put into perspective by being a part of Danske Commodities.

Nikolaj Koustrup Oddershede


I have always been eager to examine my skills and theoretical knowledge from the university in practical settings.

In this case, I found that Danske Commodities was a perfect match for me, as I would get the chance to get deep insights into the complex energy trading business.

Danske Commodities was a perfect match for me, as I would get the chance to get deep insights into the complex energy trading business.

Nikolaj Koustrup Oddershede, Junior Business Controller


At Danske Commodities, I work as a Junior Business Controller in the Finance & Accounting unit. Here, one of my primary tasks is to develop automated processes using a robotic process automation (RPA) software called Blue Prism. In other words, Blue Prism is a technology application that I use to create a digital workforce, which can handle high-volume and repeatable tasks.

Putting this into context, we have “robots” that are signing trade confirmations, handling invoices, and scraping data multiple times a day.

By transforming processes into automated processes using RPA, I can free up time for other DC-employees to focus on value-adding activities rather than spending time on these operational tasks.

In continuation hereof, I also assist in the controlling and monthly closing procedure in the Business Controlling & Settlement team.


Of course, each work day starts out with a cup of coffee.

Moving on, I start checking our RPA control room, in which we operate and monitor our automated processes. Here, I check if the “robots” have completed their particular jobs during the night successfully – and I continuously screen the processes throughout the day.

The rest of the day could typically entail optimization and development of new or existing processes, while aligning with process owners and other stakeholders.

Nikolaj Koustrup Oddershede best part about my job


The best is to be part of the diverse and fast-paced team environment at the office and also being surrounded by colleagues with a game-winning mentality.

Additionally, I also enjoy that I have been given a high level of responsibility from the very beginning, which has developed me professionally as well as personally.

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