Meet Peter Tang Knudsen

Studying: Economics and Management
Position: Junior Trading Operational Analyst
Employed since: October 2018
Fun fact: I am colourblind and can among other things not tell the difference between red, green and brown m&m's


I am originally from Aarhus, and I have lived here my entire life. Other than working at DC, I study Economics and Management at Aarhus University.

Peter Tang Knudsen


I have had an interest in Finance for a long time, so working on a real life trading floor seemed really interesting. Furthermore, I had a friend who worked for DC who told me that it was a really great place to work, and after having worked here myself for over a year I could not agree with him more!

I really like the good atmosphere and team spirit that is always present on the trading floor. There is a "one team" mentality

Peter Tang Knudsen, Junior Dispatcher


I work as a dispatcher, which means I am responsible for the scheduling of flows of energy across borders in Europe. If the traders want to buy power in Albania and sell it in Germany, I am responsible for transporting the power across the continent. The job furthermore consists of developing tools using VBA and SQL to optimize processes for both the traders and the dispatchers.


A typical day on the shift starts at 7:00 on the trading floor by getting an overview of what happened during the shift yesterday and during the night. After you have gotten the initial overview, the day is mostly controlled through a control sheet, where there are around 500 tasks with different deadlines that need to be completed before the end of the day. Some tasks are small like reminding the traders to have a look at the latest wind forecast, and other tasks are large like uploading the bid to sell off our wind production for an entire country.

Peter Tang Knudsen best part about my job


There are multiple things I enjoy about my job, and after thinking really hard about it, I managed to narrow it down to three:

1) I really like the good atmosphere and team spirit that is always present on the trading floor. There is a "one team" mentality where we are all helping each other to ensure we get the best possible results.

2) Even though the control sheet is always the same, there are no two days that are alike in my job.

3) In my position, even though you are a student worker, you get a lot of responsibility because a lot of people depend on your work. Admittedly, it was a bit frightening at first but you are given a thorough introduction to and training in the job before you are on your own, and you always have the possibility of calling the 24/7/365 Trade Support emergency phone if you are in doubt about anything.

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