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Studying: Economics & Business Administration
Position: Junior Risk Analyst
Employed since: June 2019
Fun fact: In 7th grade, I ran a 20k in a pair of Adidas Superstar - would not recommend


I was raised in southern Funen and grew up playing handball in one of the greatest handball environments in Denmark. It brewed a fascination in me for what you can accomplish if you challenge one another to improve and develop. My journey in DC started, much in line with this fascination, in the People and Culture team working with employee development. As I looked to level-up, my attraction to numbers and informed decision-making pulled me to apply for a position in our Market Risk team, which I have been fortunate to be a part of since August 2020.

Teis Nilou Nørgaard


When I had just started studying in Aarhus, I read an article about the company being acquired by Equinor in November 2018. The title of the article was something in line with “How to make each of your employees worth 10 million kr.”. I vividly remember being fascinated and intrigued by how the article pictured the young culture and the focus on talent development in Danske Commodities. Ultimately this put DC on my radar and made me want to experience the culture first-hand, and I jumped at the first opportunity that my skill-set could be relevant.

The trust enables me to constantly improve, which is also a great part of being employed in DC.

Teis Nilou Nørgaard, Junior Risk Analyst


I work as a Junior Risk Analyst in our Market Risk team. My tasks focus on assisting in the optimisation of our reporting and monitoring of market risks, so we can make more informed decisions. For the daily reporting this entails working with SQL and Power BI software, while monthly and quarterly reporting is done utilising Excel and PowerPoint. Additionally, I am part of running our internal student employee network, which strives to enhance the student experience at DC.


For the most part, a work day will involve me having discussions with one of my colleagues about how we can enhance parts of our reporting and monitoring. I am currently working with our Climate Markets risk manager, where we seek to optimize aspects for our emissions allowances trading (Also known as certificates trading). A lot of the daily work is also about prioritising how we can add the most value to our trading teams, and support our business teams in achieving our company goals without taking unknown risks.

Teis Nilou Nørgaard best part about my job


The best part of being employed in DC is the people. Every day I come to work, I have the opportunity to leave smarter than when I arrived, as there is always someone open to give feedback and help you excel. Knowledge sharing is a huge part of the culture. To add to that element, DC has a lot of trust in their student employees, which means that they put you in challenging situations, and trust you to get the job done. The trust enables me to constantly improve, which is also a great part of being employed in DC.

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