Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we do our best to answer the most frequently asked questions from potential future colleagues. The questions have been divided into categories. If you are not able find the answers you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact us.


  • What should I do if I can’t find an opportunity that matches my skills?
    Don’t worry. We are constantly looking for talented new employees, and we welcome unsolicited applications.

    You can send your unsolicited application by clicking on the "unsolicited" vacancy within your field on our Vacancies page.

    Visit our Vacancies page
  • How soon can I expect to learn if I’m being considered for the position that I have applied for?
    It is important that you always note the application deadline – it is placed on the right side of the vacancy.

    Once the recruiting Manager or Director has been through all applications, we will inform you whether you are considered for the position or not. Please note that it can take up to three weeks after application deadline.

    If you have questions, you are always welcome to contact the recruiting Manager or Director. You will find the contact details on the bottom of the vacancy.

  • Can I receive job posting notifications?
    We post all our vacancies on LinkedIn. So if you follow us on this platform, you will constantly be updated about what is going on at DC and our current career opportunities.

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  • Should I submit my CV with every position I apply for?
    Each Manager or Director is responsible for the recruitment for their individual team. You should always follow the application instructions and include the CV every time.

  • Do you require years of experience, or do you hire directly from educational institutions?
    We are always looking for both graduates and experienced people. We believe a mix between juniors and seniors generates an organisation that creates value – with room for personal and professional development.

  • Can I apply for a job outside my home country?
    You are encouraged to apply for all of our positions, regardless of which country you’re from. We employ many different nationalities in each of our global offices.


  • What is the organisation’s policy on flexible working?
    People are our greatest asset and in DC we do whatever we can to meet the needs of our employees. Therefore, DC has a very flexible working environment where we always try to find the solution that fits you (and your family), your team and the organisation. Specifically, we offer flexible working hours, including the opportunity to work from home up to two days a week.

    More about working at dc
  • Where does Danske Commodities have offices?
    Besides our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark, we have small offices in Istanbul, Hamburg, London and Stamford, USA.

  • What is your approach to COVID-19?
    The COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the world in an unprecedented manner, impacting numerous people and businesses. At DC, we have done our best to ensure our employees' safety since the very beginning of the pandemic – and of course, the safety of partners and potential new employees too.

    We adhere to local guidelines in our respective global offices and put directives in place if required or deemed necessary. We make sure to advise our employees as well as external visitors accordingly.


  • What kind of development opportunities can I expect in DC?
    Through tailor-made Individual Development Plans, we help you realise your professional potential and pursue career ambitions. You can also educate yourself at "DC University", or participate in one of our tailor-made training programmes such as our Leadership Assessment Programme.

  • What is DC University?
    In DC, we invest in the career paths of our employees. That is why we offer more than 40 courses every year in DC University – our in-house hub for knowledge and training. Also, since Danske Commodities became part of Equinor in February 2019, all employees now have access to Equinor University for both online and on-site training courses.

  • What does an Individual Development Plan (IDP) entail?
    We strongly believe that having a vision for where you want to be and finding your true purpose – beyond just bringing home a monthly pay cheque – has an enormous impact on your engagement, motivation and job satisfaction.

    This is the mindset behind the IDP; a continuous series of meetings between you and your immediate leader with the goal of opening for insights, career aspirations and honesty between leader and employee. Here, both parties have the opportunity to align expectations and possibilities in DC, thereby ensuring that you can benefit the most from your working relationship in the years to come.

  • As a trader, can I specialise even further in DC?
    We know that it takes a lot to work in a fast-paced environment like the DC trading floor. That is why we highly value broadening our traders’ skillset through The Trading Expertise Project. Here, you are offered mental and physical training, meteorology training, compliance training, money management, mentoring and even meditation and dietary advice. The Trading Expertise Project is completely customisable, meaning that you can specialise in any way you want.


  • What is Danske Commodities' approach to diversity and inclusiveness?
    Danske Commodities is a very diverse organisation, and we have a stern focus on having an environment where everybody is and feels welcomed and included. We believe that diversity is important for the successful organisation. We are more than 25 different nationalities in DC. The benefit is obvious: it ensures a diverse and international work environment which enables our people to support the business and meet the customer in their local environment.

  • What is the social life like in the office?
    We have a very informal tone and we establish networks across many different interests.

    A wide range of different activities are offered in Danske Commodities, so there should be an opportunity for everyone to find a social activity to participate in. Attending our Friday Bars is just one way to get to know your new colleagues.

    You can also participate in one of our regular DC Sports activities such as badminton, various runs, beach volley, football tournaments etc.

  • What is Danske Commodities' approach towards environmental sustainability?
    We believe that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is essential for long-term value creation. We want our CSR initiatives – based on our values – to make a direct difference. And we are serious about it, too. We evaluate potential projects and calculate the positive effects for society, making sure that we create the biggest impact possible.

    We prioritise the development and planning of our day-to-day operations and future growth platform with due care and consideration of our social and environmental footprint.

    More about CSR at DC
  • What’s in it for me?
    You get the chance to stretch and expand your skills no matter where in your professional career you are. We promise you a work place where no two days are alike and where the work environment and culture is unique.

  • Does working at DC mean that I get to travel the world?
    If you have the sufficient skills, you might be able to! Through a collaborative process between DC and Equinor, we now offer secondments – temporary positions – so that you may develop personally, share knowledge and exchange a bit of culture. The positions can range from three to 12 months and be placed almost anywhere in the world, where Equinor has offices.

    Being a global company, DC also has offices in the UK, the US, Germany and Turkey meaning that you might be able to work outside of our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark. Keep an eye out for vacant positions below.

    Visit our vacancies page

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