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32-year-old Casper Venning Pedersen graduated from Aarhus University in May 2013 after having completed his Master in Economics. Originally from Aarhus, Casper enjoys spending time with family and friends, hunting and riding his motor bike. 


  • What made you apply for the Graduate Programme?
    I applied for the Graduate Programme because I found dc very interesting. It seemed like a fast-paced company where I could learn a lot. It also attracted me that I had the opportunity to try out different positions within the company. The idea of getting to know a lot of people in the organisation really appealed to me.

  • Which reflections did you make in connection with the application?
    I really considered how I could make it clear how I was able to contribute – especially within the areas that I expected were essential to Danske Commodities.

  • Why were you called in for an interview?
    I've been told I got an interview because I had a relevant education, experience from a student job in the energy business and my grade point was well above average. It also helped that I knew VBA coding and other relevant programmes.

  • How did you prepare for the interview?
    I think the interview was really good. I was a bit nervous but it was a good experience. I was able to answer the questions - which were good, critical and very challenging in a fun way. In my mind, we basically had a nice talk.

  • What was your first impression of Danske Commodities?
    At first it took me by surprise how friendly everyone was. Secondly, the first weeks of the Programme were really well prepared. Overall, it was just really cool to find myself being part of an organisation with this kind of team spirit and values.

  • Any other reflections you think would add value to somebody who would consider applying for the Graduate Programme?
    When I applied I thought that the one major drawback in the DC Graduate Programme was that it did not include any international rotations. But working here has showed me that I myself set the boundaries for how good I can be in my field; in DC there are no limits. To me that is essential and very positive – and much more relevant than the number of international rotations.

Casper Pedersen


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