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In 2019, DC welcomed a new brood of apprentices. As they crossed the midway milestone of our 18-month Trading Graduate Programme, we asked them about their first impressions and early experiences at DC. See their answers and get to know them here.

We’re challenged with diverse assignments to realise our full potential

Kenneth Fung, Trading Graduate


  • 1st rotation: Climate Markets
  • 2nd rotation: Emerging Markets
  • 3rd rotation: Forward Gas Trading


You're halfway through DC's Graduate Programme. What have you learned so far?

I have an oil and gas engineering background, so both power and emission trading were new domains for me, and I had the great opportunity to learn a lot about those markets through working on several programming projects and also trading in those markets.

You just joined Forward Gas Trading. What are you looking forward to the most?

I’m very excited for my third rotation in Forward Gas Trading because first, it’s very relevant to my education and work experience and second, I will work with a data provider platform, Kpler, that I used to work for in Paris before joining DC.



  • 1st rotation: Power Markets Analysis
  • 2nd rotation: Forward Gas Trading
  • 3rd rotation: Automated Trading


You're halfway through DC's Graduate Programme. What have you learned so far?

That is a big question. I have learned a lot – that is the short answer – I truly feel that I have been given responsibilities from the start, but room enough to grow and learn while living up to those responsibilities. As an example, my principal focus during my first rotation in Power Markets Analysis was to build a fundamental model for the major Central-Western European countries, which really allowed me to develop an understanding of the major price drivers in power and the interplay between individual markets.

In addition to learning about specific areas of business and significantly increasing my programming proficiency, I have learned the benefits of interdepartmental collaborations. I genuinely believe that a lot of potential lies in increasing knowledge sharing between teams and departments across DC and I think that graduates could be an integral part of realising some of that potential. Fortunately, with a few altercations, Proprietary Gas Trading could benefit from the fundamental model I built in Power Markets – a great example of cross-team collaboration.

You just joined Automated Trading. What are you looking forward to the most?

Yes, I am now helping the unit in supporting Power Markets. Naturally, maximising learning has been one of my workhorses during the graduate programme, and on the back of Antti Belt’s e-Talk on digital transformation in the commodity trading space, I look forward to having the chance to learn about an increasingly important part of commodity trading and an integral part of DC’s 2025 vision from some of the sharpest minds at DC.


  • 1st rotation: Automated Trading
  • 2nd rotation: Power Market Analysis
  • 3rd rotation: Gas Systems & Automation


You're halfway through DC's Graduate Programme. What have you learned so far?

The holistic view on the broad energy markets, programming and probably more programming. My rotations are heavily geared towards the analytic side of the energy markets, and while Python and SQL have become my closest colleagues every day, they have been huge enablers for me to tap into analysing the complex market dynamics in different markets more efficiently. I have been tasked with very interesting projects that span through the broad spectrum from data processing, analysis, machine learning to pricing customised structured products and understanding stochastic volatility models, which allow me to quickly accumulate market and technical knowledge from an analytical point of view.

You just joined Gas Systems & Automation. What are you looking forward to the most?

One of the main tasks in my former rotation in Power Markets Analysis was to maintain the gas-to-power model. Therefore, it will undoubtedly be interesting to understand the fundamentals of the European gas markets to have a more complete view of analysing the intercorrelation between different energy markets; and hopefully further polish and enhance my programming and quantitative skills.

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