About the Graduate Programme

Get the chance to work with some of the strongest trading profiles in the energy industry and gain an in-depth understanding of all trading disciplines as well as the European energy market.


  • The application deadline for the programme is usually around the 1st of April. The programme kick-offs in September and extends for 18 months. 
  • You will have three main rotations in our Trading teams: Cross Border, Intraday and Gas
  • Each rotation lasts 6 months
  • Once you have passed the Trading Graduate Programme you can expect a position in our Trading unit


  • Trading
  • Optimising assets and positions on a daily basis
  • Market analysis
  • Implementing business strategies
  • Identifying and analysing new business and trading opportunities
  • Developing and maintaining trading tools 


As a Trading Graduate your trading-, strategic thinking-, and analytical skills will be challenged from day one. Get a complete overview of the Programme in the figure and track descriptions below.


  • Intro days
    The purpose of the introduction days is to introduce you to Danske Commodities. You will get an overview of our 5 units and a thorough insight into our Trading unit. We will also introduce you to our values, which are an important factor in our work life. Last but not least, the introduction days will give you the opportunity to get to know your fellow Graduates.

  • "My challenge"
    "My Challenge" is your opportunity to dig into finding a solution to a problem of value to dc. You will present your findings to relevant stakeholders in the company and receive feedback on your findings and your approach. This will give you an in-depth knowledge about a specific area within dc and a deep understanding of our business.

  • ERP-programme module 1
    The ERP-programme focuses on risk management within the energy industry. As part of the Graduate Programme, you will complete module 1, which will give you a deeper understanding of how the energy market works. The programme will be an independent study running concurrently with your daily job. Once you are done as a Graduate, you will have the opportunity to complete module 2. When you have passed both exams, you will be a certified energy risk professional.

  • Team challenge
    During the team challenge you will be introduced to a critical issue in dc that you and your fellow graduates will try to solve as a group. This is a way for you to work closely together with the other graduates and also to go around the organisation to meet your colleagues and receive information from them. The final result will be evaluated by relevant stakeholders at an exam that signifies the completion of the Programme.

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The typical Graduate profile

Our core business has always been energy trading. We currently trade in more than 30 countries, specialising in renewable energy and emerging markets.


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Learn what Danske Commodities is like as a workplace as well as which benefits we provide for our people.

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Energy Trading

Our core business has always been energy trading. We currently trade in more than 30 countries, specialising in renewable energy and emerging markets.