Meet the 2021 mentees

Danske Commodities' CEO Helle Ø. Kristiansen is offering a unique opportunity to boost the professional and personal development of select ambitious students. Here, former mentees Line Thomsen and Jacob Tønning explain their experience with the programme.

Meet the Mentees


Mentee: Line Thomsen

Job: Associate at Boston Consulting Group

Education: Msc. Management & Strategy, London School of Economics and Political Science

Line Thomsen mentee
Jacob Tønning mentee


Mentee: Jacob Tønning

Job: Managing Director at Studenterlauget

Education: Bachelor 5th semester, Economics and Business Administration, Aarhus University

Why did you apply for the Mentor Programme?

Jacob: I applied for the mentor programme as I found - and still find - Helle to be a very inspiring person and I saw it as an excellent opportunity to develop myself as a person by learning from her. Moreover, I think Danske Commodities and the whole industry is quite interesting, which I hoped to get a deeper insight into through the mentor programme. I always try to improve my personal competencies and getting a mentor like Helle to guide me in this process was really appealing. 

Line: I really wanted to build a strong mentor relation with a role model like Helle, whom I greatly admire. I believed that she could provide me with exciting insights on the energy industry development as well as advice on my career choices - and all of it turned out to be true.


What did you gain from the Mentor Programme?

Line: One of the things I enjoyed the most about the Mentor Programme was Helle's honest and inspiring approach to our discussions. I gained several new and interesting perspectives on the energy industry, and it motivated me to pursue some of the many opportunities within green transitioning. Hopefully I also gained a long-lasting connection with Helle.

Jacob: First of all, I got to meet Helle and spend some time with her. Just listening to how she will tackle various problems and her way of thinking was definitely very beneficial for me. Moreover, I visited Danske Commodities and got an insight into how the different units and teams are working. Most importantly, I got to know myself better and improved my own character by talking different scenarios and personality traits through with Helle and getting her advice on how to optimise various elements in my life.

Helle's mentor programme is a unique opportunity to get to know yourself

Jacob Tønning, mentee 2021

Would you recommend others to participate in the Mentor Programme?

Jacob: I would highly recommend all to apply for the mentor programme! It is a unique opportunity to get to know yourself. Moreover, you will get to know one of the most inspiring leaders and gain her view on various problems that you may encounter. Helle was very open to take the programme in the direction that I wanted, meaning that there are great opportunities to form the it after what you find most important yourself. Overall, it was great to get a view into the work at Danske Commodities and to get a chance to learn from the experience and knowledge Helle has.

Line: Yes! In general, I highly encourage anyone to look for mentors and role models, and this mentor program is a great place to start. I have appreciated the honest and direct communication, and although the sessions had to be virtual, I believe that we got around the challenge quite well ending with a nice breakfast at the DC office.

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