Our approach to covid-19

At Danske Commodities, we have done our best to ensure our employees' safety since the very beginning of the pandemic. And of course, the safety of potential new employees is also a priority. Learn how we remain corona compliant here.

Job interviews

We primarily interview job applicants via Microsoft Teams. However, depending on the guidelines applicable at the time of the interview we may choose to conduct an interview in person.

Ultimately, the decision will be subject to individual agreement between the candidate and the recruiting leader.


Daily work

All employees who are able to work from home are encouraged to do so. Each leader will determine and align with their respective team who works from the office and who works from home.

Every two weeks, a plan is worked out for each unit, providing an overview of the number of people working from our offices during the fortnight. The plan leaves ample opportunity for keeping a safe distance of two metres between colleagues at all times, taking into consideration work tasks as well as each employee's individual circumstances - including mental well-being.

Travel and meetings

In general, our approach is that all business travel should be avoided. Furthermore, all meetings should be conducted online.

However, meetings may be conducted physically if necessary, provided that all current guidelines such as distancing and hygiene can be kept.


A major part of DC's culture relies on excellent collaboration, working closely side by side with ambitious and competent colleagues - while having fun as we go, of course.

Keeping this up has been challenging during COVID-19, but fortunately the majority of our employees have been resilient and managed to uphold a very high level of bringing passion, building trust and creating value.

That being said, we still miss spending time with our colleagues on a more regular basis in the office and at one of our many social events - and we look forward to society reopening and things getting back to normal.

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