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Gas trading

We are experts in gas trading along the curve and the optimisation of flows close to delivery. Through our portfolio of gas storages, we provide the flexibility needed to meet the energy demands and intermittency of renewable power generation. In real-time, at all times.

Nimble traders backed by Equinor

The gas trading industry is changing rapidly and to succeed in the gas markets of tomorrow, size will matter. Danske Commodities’ market presence and expertise in asset-backed trading complement our parent company Equinor’s position as the second-largest supplier of natural gas to Europe. With Equinor in our corner, we have the vision and financial strength to break down doors and unlock the potential of energy.

What we offer within gas trading

Gas trading in 23 markets
Exchange, broker or OTC
All delivery periods
We cover all tenors from within-day to years ahead
Physical or financial
Short-term gas trading
Covering the spot market 24/7/365
Forward gas trading
Covering the derivatives market along the curve
Standard futures and structured products
Swings, options, virtual storages, customised profiles

Trailblazing European gas markets

We have built a world-class gas trading setup, while also excelling in 24/7 physical trading. With our scalable business model, we keep adding new products and growing our market presence. Our execution speed and tech-driven mindset, combined with an unparalleled financial position and asset portfolio, means we can help enable the energy transition by making it a viable business.

years of experience

average gas trades per day in 2022

1.744 TWh
gas traded in 2022

Business acumen + technology = scalability

We apply an integrated value chain approach to harness the symbiosis between trading and technology, bringing all parts of value generation closer together. Technical experts like software developers and data engineers work closely together with our gas traders to create a common understanding and efficient alignment, sharing our successes. Together, through a tech-driven approach, we will scale our business even further.

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Renewable energy certificates


We move biogas across borders through our extensive gas-trading setup and ensure correct handling of certified biogas through Mass-Balance (physical biogas and certificates transferred together) and Proof of Sustainability. Being one of Denmark’s biggest non-asset owners’ route-to-market for Danish-produced biomethane, we handle a vast portfolio of certificates.

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Tobias Basse
VP, Head of European Gas Trading
For more information, please contact Tobias. You can also reach out to our 24/7 operations desk by calling +45 8833 8070.