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DC Annual 2023

Strong results as markets stabilise

CEO letter

Delivering strong results in a year with market stabilisation

In 2023, Danske Commodities delivered strong results in stabilised energy markets while growing our asset portfolio and increasing our global market presence.


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Chart shows sum of Danske Commodities Group and Danske Commodities US
Market insights

Renewables on the rise

Since 2010, the European power mix has more than doubled its share of renewable energy, and growth is set to continue. The EU is targeting a renewables share of 69% in the power mix by 2030, a substantial increase from the 38% share in 2023. At the same time, the energy sector is facing challenges, such as higher production costs, inflation, interest rates and limited grid capacity. At Danske Commodities, we are committed to supporting the continued build-out of renewable energy. We achieve this by making renewables projects commercially viable and offering flexibility to energy systems through our growing portfolio of renewables and dispatchable assets.

% of renewables in the European power mix
EU target
Asset management
First PPA
Part of Equinor
Battery storage
12 GW portfolio

Insight cases

Business activities

Bringing energy to where it’s needed most

At Danske Commodities, we achieve the full potential of energy resources by offering energy-related services and solutions to producers, suppliers and large-scale consumers and by trading power and gas in global energy markets.


active power markets


active gas markets


TWh power traded in 2023


TWh gas traded in 2023

People &

Optimising the energy landscape of tomorrow

An increase in renewable and flexible energy production is crucial for building a greener energy future. Danske Commodities plays a vital role in this transition by bringing renewable energy to the markets at scale, and by balancing fluctuating production in the energy markets. To do our part in the increasingly complex energy system, we need a skilled organisation of people who are dedicated to making a difference. We build that organisation by focusing on three areas: working closely together across the organisation, ensuring a culture of sustainable high performance by investing in our people’s development and well-being and not least bringing in diverse talent and increasing the share of female employees. Over the past two years, we have increased the share of female employees from 23% to 25%, and we will continue strengthening the diversity in our company.

employees in total


25 %
female employees

Top in Class’ collaboration score

People like no other


A helping hand

As Danske Commodities grows, so does our responsibility to positively impact the people around us. Here are a few examples of initiatives where we have lent a helping hand to those in need, both in our local community and abroad.


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