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Unlocking the potential of energy

As a leading trading company, we unlock the potential of energy by moving it to where it’s needed most. We connect producers as well as large-scale consumers to wholesale energy markets and work together to make an impact. Like no other.
Our purpose

We work for a viable energy future

Energy has always been a catalyst for change and growth. As the world population increases and living standards improve, more energy than ever is needed to light up our homes, grow our businesses and fuel our progress for the generations to come. But with increasing energy demands come increasing emissions, leading to climate changes.

At Danske Commodities, we bring renewables to the market at scale and provide the flexibility needed to meet the energy demands and intermittency of renewable power generation. 

This is how we help pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Backed by Equinor

Speed and scale

Our company was born in 2004 when a young Danish banker and entrepreneur saw potential in bringing divided national energy markets together through international trade. After a successful growth trajectory, we were acquired by energy major Equinor in 2019, providing us with an even stronger platform to further scale our business. We are Equinor’s route-to-market for renewables and play a big part in their journey to becoming a broad energy company. 

As the nimble giant of the energy markets and backed by Equinor, we represent the best of both worlds. We combine fierce execution speed, innovative thinking and a tech-driven mindset with an unparalleled financial position and asset portfolio. And we have the vision and strength to accelerate the energy transition on a global scale.

2025 Strategy

Transition FWD

Our 2025 strategy, Transition FWD, is all about enabling a successful energy transition. To succeed, we must undergo four transitions as a company:

  • We will expand our business from European to global and drive commercial growth across five continents.
  • We will evolve from a strict prop mindset to a portfolio approach and take on more asset-backed trading. 
  • We will advance from digital jacks to digital kings and implement automation across the entire DC value chain. 
  • And we will grow from today’s capabilities to tomorrow’s capabilities and set aside time for development and innovation.

Present in 40 markets across five continents

We are a collective of thinkers and doers who put ideas into action. And our efforts can make a real impact because we are backed by Equinor, a global energy company with the size and vision to change the world.
Helle Østergaard Kristiansen
CEO at Danske Commodities
dedicated people

+ 25,000
average trades per day

9,000 MW
renewables under management