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Welcome to our media section. Here, you’ll find an overview of our latest press releases, interviews and articles.

Press releases

Danske Commodities appoints Kristian Majland as new Chief Information Officer
Danske Commodities appoints Kristian Majland as new Chief Information Officer Energy trading company Danske Commodities has today announced the appointment of Kristian Majland as its new Chief Information Officer (CIO) and VP, Head of Technology.
Danske Commodities signs first battery storage asset in the UK
Energy trading company Danske Commodities announced today that it has signed a three-year optimisation agreement for the 25 MW battery storage asset, Blandford Road. The agreement marks Danske Commodities’ first battery storage customer in the UK, where the energy trader will utilise its fully automated algorithmic setup to maximise returns across wholesale and ancillary services markets.
Danske Commodities welcomes new Chief Data Officer
Energy trading company Danske Commodities has today announced the appointment of Umid Akhmedov as their new Chief Data Officer (CDO). In his role as CDO, Umid Akhmedov will build upon the data strategy introduced by Danske Commodities in 2019.
Danske Commodities delivers strong performance while bringing balance and liquidity to energy markets
Today, Danske Commodities released its financial results for 2022. Reporting adjusted earnings before tax (EBT) of EUR 2.2 billion, the energy trading company delivers a strong performance while bringing balance and liquidity to energy markets in a turbulent year.
Danske Commodities expands trading activities to Brazil
Equinor’s wholly-owned trading company Danske Commodities announced today that it has successfully entered the Brazilian power market with the first trades now completed. Showing its commitment as a market participant in Brazil, Danske Commodities has also invested R$ 288 million in the equity of its newly established operations in the country.
Danske Commodities increases equity by 3.5 billion euro to provide liquidity in volatile energy market
The Danish energy trader Danske Commodities announced today that it has increased its equity with a capital injection of 3.5 billion euro from its owners, Equinor. High energy prices have increased the need for financial solidity and by maintaining a strong financial position, Danske Commodities is able to provide needed liquidity to a volatile energy market.
Danske Commodities enters Polish renewables market with first PV deal signed
Energy trading company Danske Commodities announced today that it has signed a balancing agreement with the 57.5 MW Stepien PV farm, which will be one of the biggest photovoltaic (PV) farms in Poland. The agreement marks Danske Commodities’ entry into the Polish renewables market as the trading company gears up to support owner Equinor’s strategic ambitions in Poland.
Professio Energia and Danske Commodities sign PPA for Croatian wind parks to leave FIT scheme
Renewable energy developer and investment manager Professio Energia and energy trading company Danske Commodities announced today that they have signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for two wind parks in Croatia. The parks are among the first in Croatia to voluntarily leave the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) subsidy scheme.
Danske Commodities signs PPA with one of the largest Energy-from-Waste facilities in the UK
Energy trading company Danske Commodities announced today that it has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Cory Group (Cory) for Riverside 1, one of the largest Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facilities in the UK. The deal marks the first EfW PPA for Danske Commodities, which will apply its trading expertise to provide balancing, asset optimisation and route-to-market.
Danske Commodities delivers strong performance in defining year for energy markets
Earlier today, energy trading company Danske Commodities released its financial results for 2021. Reporting adjusted EBIT of EUR 272 million and EUR 345 million in adjusted gross profit, Danske Commodities navigated safely through unprecedented market volatility.
Danske Commodities gears up to take on more assets
Energy trading company Danske Commodities announced today that it has brought in three senior profiles as part of its strategic ambition to take on more assets and expand its customer business. Jens Tang, Dirk Kaiser and Søren Rygaard are joining the company from Centrica, where they held managerial positions, and bring a combined 40 years of industry experience.
wpd and Danske Commodities sign Croatia’s first commercial PPA
Energy project developer and operator wpd and energy trader Danske Commodities announced today that they have signed a fixed-price PPA for the Orlice Wind Farm in Croatia. The deal is the very first post feed-in PPA to be consumed in Croatia between two non-state market participants and marks a new chapter in the energy transition of the Balkans.
Danske Commodities signs third 15-year PPA with world’s largest offshore wind farm
Energy trading company Danske Commodities announced today that it has signed a 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for 480 MW with Dogger Bank wind farm. This is the third time that Danske Commodities has been selected as an offtaker for the ground-breaking offshore wind project.
Danske Commodities hires new Head of Cross-Commodity Trading
Energy trading company Danske Commodities announced today that it has hired Jens Svantesson as Head of Cross-Commodity Trading. Jens Svantesson comes from a previous position as Head of Oil, Gas & Coal Trading with Orsted and brings more than 20 years of experience from commodity trading.
Danske Commodities delivers stable earnings in unpredictable year
Earlier today, energy trading company Danske Commodities released its financial results for 2020. Reporting adjusted EBIT of EUR 44.3 million and an 18% increase in gross turnover, Danske Commodities overcame tough trading conditions in an unpredictable year for energy markets.

Media stories

The power of algo trading
In an interview with S&P Global, our Head of Intraday Power Trading Tim Kummerfeld shared his views on the rapid development in algo trading that has taken place in recent years. Danske Commodities has invested heavily in automation, resulting in a shift from manual intraday trading to near-full automation in just five years: Today, traders are more like pilots steering the plane. What our traders do is they shape the view on the market and then they steer the algorithms to execute in that market,” Tim explained.
Green business is good business
Energy trading companies – especially companies like Danske Commodities that also handle physical energy production assets like wind turbines and solar panels – play a major role in the energy transition. This is highlighted by Danish newspaper Børsen in an interview with our CEO Helle Ø. Kristiansen, who explains why the world’s renewable ambitions are a great fit with DC’s business model.
Diversity is a strategic must-win battle
Research shows that women are more underrepresented in the energy sector than any other major industry. In an interview with Danish business media Berlingske, our Head of People & Culture Jonas Skovbjerg explains why diversity is a strategic must-win battle for Danske Commodities: Solving the serious energy challenges the world is facing will require innovation and new solutions. That is why we as a sector need to be able to attract the entire talent pool, men and women. We simply cannot afford to miss out on much needed competencies”.
Algo trading contributes to providing liquidity and dampening price volatility
Financial media outlet Bloomberg takes a look at how energy traders are part of the complex interconnections that keep Europe’s power network operating and help keep the grid balanced by shifting power to where it’s most needed. In the article, our Head of Intraday Power Trading, Tim Kummerfeld, explains how algorithms, skillfully steered by human traders, contribute to providing liquidity and dampening price volatility.
DC CEO: Energy trading is an export success for Denmark”
Our CEO Helle Østergaard Kristiansen shares some insights into what it’s been like leading the biggest energy trading company in Denmark during a tumultuous time for the energy industry. One of Helle’s main points in the interview is that energy trading is actually a great export success for Denmark as more than 95% of the earnings come from outside Danish borders, yet the majority of company taxes are paid in Denmark.
Gas prices decline on lower demand
Talking to Bloomberg, Senior Portfolio Manager Philippe Francois highlights the significant developments that are shaping the gas industry. In the article, he explains that the gas market is experiencing an unusual phenomenon with fuller-than-normal inventories and a robust supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) which has brought some relief to a tight supply situation in Europe and made prices go down. Specifically, TTF front-month gas settled 8.4% lower at EUR 25.45/MWh, the lowest since May 2021.
DC supports increased regulation of energy industry
In an interview with Finans, CEO Helle Østergaard Kristiansen shares her support of increased regulation of the energy industry and underlines the importance of implementing such increased requirements on an EU-level.
2023 outlook: We need to accelerate investments in renewable energy”
Our CEO Helle Østergaard Kristiansen shares her outlook for 2023 in Danish paper Jyllands-Posten, arguing that Europe seems to have solved its supply issues on the short term as we start the new year with high filling levels across European gas storages. But to solve supply challenges on the long term, we need to increase Europe’s own production of energy with emphasis on the build-out of renewables. This means an acceleration of investments in renewable energy. And we need to do it now.”
European power prices surge as French nuclear output drops
French power prices for the winter have surged, with levels at an unprecedented EUR 1,000/MWh. The recent increase is driven by outages in French nuclear plants combined with high temperature weather – meaning record low power availability. In this article, Head of Intraday Power Trading Anders Kring explains the market situation to The Wall Street Journal.
DC’s CEO featured on Deloitte’s BizzPod’ podcast
Host Christian Jensby talks to CEO Helle Østergaard Kristiansen and Deloitte’s Mikkel Boe about how a well-functioning energy market is reliant on an easy flow of energy across national borders and how current affairs affect the energy landscape.
With Equinor, DC is in a new league”
Talking to Danish business daily Børsen, our CEO Helle Ø. Kristiansen, Equinor’s SVP, Gas & Power Helge Haugane and Danske Commodities’ founder Henrik Lind follow up on the 2019 acquisition of Danske Commodities by Equinor.
DC donates DKK 5 million to Aarhus International School
With the donation, we support a large-scale renovation of Aarhus International School (AIS). The renovation not only upgrades the school’s facilities but also increases the capacity of the school, making room for 600 children of more than 30 different nationalities.
DC’s CEO: We will trade on five continents by 2025
Talking to Danish business daily Børsen, our CEO Helle Ø. Kristiansen and Chairman Helge Haugane shared some of DC’s global ambitions, which includes trading on five continents by 2025.
Danske Commodities expands flexibility trading
Tor Mosegaard, Head of European Power Trading, spoke to ReNews about Danske Commodities’ new agreement with Octopus Energy’s KrakenFlex platform. The five-year agreement covers Europe and US markets, starting with the UK market.
Danske Commodities invests in new trading platform
Computerworld reports that Danske Commodities is building a completely new trading platform, which will be used to trade power and gas as quickly as possible at the best price.
How storm Malik affected power prices
Head of Intraday Power Trading Anders Kring spoke to Danish broadcaster TV2 to explain how storms like the recent Malik’, and the weather in general, affect power prices.
Why Aarhus is the place to do business
Aarhus Stiftstidende has interviewed some of Aarhus’ most prominent leaders, including DC’s CEO Helle Ø. Kristiansen, about their jobs as chief executives and why they believe the city is the place to be for some of Denmark’s biggest companies. The article is in Danish and has a paywall.
IT talent is not about gender, age or nationality
In continuation of three DC employees being included among the top Danish IT talents recently, DC’s Head of IT Rasmus Lundgaard was interviewed for Erhvervsliv Aarhus about how the acknowledgment can put additional focus on DC as an established IT workplace.
Cold weather causes spike in energy prices
Head of Power Market Analysis Martin Juhl lends his expertise to The Wall Street Journal and provides insights into the recent spike in energy prices, which is driven by cold weather and political uncertainties.
DC’s CEO nominated for Leader of the year’ award
Danish business media, Børsen, shared that DC’s CEO, Helle Ø. Kristiansen, is nominated for the prestigious Leader of the Year’ award along with the Danish national football team coach, Salling Group’s CEO and GN Hearing’s CEO. Read the full publication here.
Attracting international employees is about offering the whole package
VP, Head of People & Culture, Marie-Louise Christensen, has spoken with Erhvervsliv Aarhus about attracting internationals to Danske Commodities, and the challenges that it may entail. What she’s found is that internationals value not just the company itself but the surrounding things such as safety, infrastructure and possibilities for their families. The article is in Danish.
DC’s CEO once again among world’s most powerful business women
For the third consecutive year, our CEO Helle Østergaard Kristiansen has been included on Fortune’s list of the most powerful female executives, who help break glass ceilings and lead the way in business. The renowned publication places Helle as no. 25 on the prestigious list and she is the only Dane included.
What happens when the wind stops blowing?
Just as Europe needs energy the most, the wind in the North Sea has stopped blowing. Fortune Magazine zooms in on the most recent energy crisis in the power market, asking questions like how long spiking energy prices will last and how to plan the energy transition to avoid them.
Power prices surge to new highs
Head of Intraday Power Trading Anders Kring sits down with Danish broadcasting major TV2 to explain how low winds, high gas prices and phase-outs of fossil fuels across Europe have sent power prices through the roof. The article is in Danish.
Algos to help protect CHP earnings
Danish TSO Energinet has recommended phasing out the current special regulation scheme. The phasing out is expected to put pressure on the earnings of Danish CHPs, but in the latest issue of Decentral Energi’s bi-monthly magazine, Senior Originator Jakob Krogshave Laursen says that algorithms can be part of the solution.
Aarhus: The Silicon Valley of energy trading
Since the founding of DC in 2004, energy trading in central Denmark has grown bigger at a steady pace. So, what makes Aarhus that special of a place to be trading energy? Danish media, Jyllands-Posten, zooms in on DC’s home city. The article is in Danish.
Self-knowledge is more important than straight A’s
DJØF sits down with CEO Helle Østergaard Kristiansen to talk about personal growth, getting the right grades and picking the right electives when studying. The article is in Danish.
New ways of working
Danish business media Finans has asked several executives about their learnings in the wake of Corona — including our VP, Head of People & Culture, Marie-Louise Brebøl Christensen. Read her take on how the pandemic has created new ways of working in DC (article in Danish).
Danske Commodities helps increase access to energy in one of the world’s poorest countries
The sustainability website CSR​.dk has highlighted Danske Commodities’ work with PlanBørnefonden in Benin, one of the world’s poorest countries. Through specialised education in installing and maintaining solar panels, many now have easier access to energy, jobs and education. The article is in Danish.
Bloomberg: Working From Home Is Making Power Trading More Tricky in Europe
Head of Commercial Business Development Andreas Schwartz Knudsen offers his insights on what a continuation of working at home will mean for energy markets in this Bloomberg article.
The pandemic has reminded us that we aren’t in control of everything”
Danish financial media Finans is zooming in on the Coronavirus crisis by interviewing some of Denmark’s decision-makers on the pandemic’s effect on the business world and our lives in general. In this article, CEO Helle Østergaard Kristiansen provides her take on the matter.
CEO Helle Østergaard Kristiansen: You can’t let others decide what you can and cannot do
In a new series of interviews, Danish media outlet Finans zooms in on nine prominent business leaders; among them DC’s CEO Helle Østergaard Kristiansen, who reveals her approach to leadership in a career with ups and downs. The article is in Danish.
A bright future for the energy market in Ukraine
Regional Relationship Manager, Branimir Beljan, spoke to energy consultancy ExPro on DC’s recent moves in the Ukrainian power market, zooming in on major European power market trends, cross-border trading features and conditions for entering the internal Ukrainian market.

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