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Danske Commodities in the UK

With a growing share of renewables in the UK’s energy mix, new types of risks and opportunities arise. Danske Commodities is a market leader in a number of Europe’s renewable driven markets. We can help increase your revenue from renewable energy production.

Power Purchase Agreements

For renewable asset owners of ROC, FiT or CfD eligible assets, who need to transfer risk and operational burdens such as forecasting, metering data management and scheduling away from their projects, Danske Commodities offers attractive Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Balancing Agreements with a duration of up to 15 years.

Being present in 42 countries worldwide, managing more than 10,000 MW of renewable generation capacity — and having one of Europe’s most experienced short-term trading desks — enables us to effectively manage our partners’ risks and optimise the value of their assets.

Maximise the value of your assets

Danske Commodities enables small to medium sized producers and large consumers to identify and maximise the commercial value of their flexible assets arising from increased market price volatility, driven by rising renewables penetration in the electricity system.

Our market knowledge and global trading experience enables our partners to profit from the emergence of a tradable, volatile, short-term market in the UK.

Risk management services

For customers who need protection against market volatility, Danske Commodities offers risk management tools that enable stabilisation of cash flows for up to five years ahead. Our experience enables us to deliver valuable advice and customised risk solutions for our customers.

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Jens Tang
Head of European Origination
For more information on our UK market activities, please contact Jens Tang.