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Want to join us?

We do our utmost to find the best match. At Danske Commodities, we strive to create a work environment that provide employees with equal opportunity to thrive. We’re dedicated to hiring diverse talents and ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and support throughout the hiring process.

Here’s how you apply

  1. Upload your resume/​CV and application
  2. If there is a match, you’ll be invited for a 1st interview
  3. If we agree there still is a match, you will be invited for a 2nd interview. Prior the 2nd interview, you will be asked to fill out a personality and cognitive test. In some cases, you will be asked to solve a case – but you will always be informed in advance 
  4. After the second interview, we’ll carefully consider your skills and experience to see if they’re a fit for the role

1st interview

The 1st interview will be conducted by the hiring manager and a member of the team. The purpose of the 1st interview is to ensure a professional match — both ways, in terms of who we are looking for, and to ensure it fits your expectations to the job. 

Focus for this interview:

  • An introduction to DC, your role and the team
  • Assessing your professional competencies 
  • Your match with the team

The purpose of this interview is to ensure you have the competencies needed for the role at hand and to ensure the job meets the aspirations for your first or next step in your career.

If we agree that there is a match, you will be invited for a 2nd interview.

2nd interview

Prior to the 2nd interview you will receive a personality test and a cognitive test. We use these tests as a tool to get to know you even better as a person. We use these tests as a tool to create a dialogue to get to know you even better as a person.

In some instances, you will also be asked to prepare a case. If so, you will be informed in advance.

The 2nd interview will be conducted by the hiring Director or Manager and an internal Talent Attraction Specialist.

Focus for this interview:

  • Who you are (what motivates you, what gives you energy, how do you thrive)
  • Your motivation for applying
  • Feedback on your personality and cognitive tests
  • The case and your reflections
  • Dreams and ambitions for the future
  • Your expectations of DC as a workplace


After the 2nd interview, we will evaluate the two interviews. Based on the evaluation of your professional and personal match, we will carefully consider if they’re the best match for the role.

You will hear from us no later than seven days after the 2nd interview. If you say yes to the offer — we are ready to welcome you to the team.

Get in touch

Asger Hess-Olesen
Senior Talent Attraction Specialist
Want to know more about working at DC, our hiring process or the likes? Asger will help answer any questions you may have.