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Services for battery owners

With two decades of experience in trading short-term power markets, Danske Commodities has a profound market understanding and the expertise to trade around flexibility. Our algorithmic trading framework is among the most advanced setups of its peers and flexibility optimisation is therefore built on a strong foundation.
How we work

A strong partner for asset optimisation

As a leading energy trader with a strong reputation and expertise in intraday trading, Danske Commodities strives to be the best-in-class flexibility optimiser. Our ability to value price volatility in intraday markets and our use of advanced technology allows us to optimise battery usage and maximise returns.

From managing charging and discharging to ensuring longevity and utilising market fluctuations, we have the expertise and tools to help you make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of your battery. 

What we offer

Unlock the potential of your batteries

With an increasing number of batteries entering the market and the risk of ancillary services saturation, it becomes more important than ever to choose the right value pockets for every day, every EFA block, and every single half-hour. With over two decades of experience in development and valuing the optionality of price volatility in intraday markets, we are well-equipped to help you maximise your returns.


Tech-driven energy trading

We combine the best of both worlds — trading expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our tech-savvy traders work closely with our quants and software developers and more than 80% of our intraday trades are executed through algorithmic methods.

Our automated trading solutions, backed by advanced analytics and well-established trading strategies, help drive our success and stay ahead of the game.

What we offer power producers

Top #5
On EPEX in terms of trading volume across Europe
Moody’s Baa1
Credit rating and backed by energy major Equinor
Tech & trade
80% of intraday trades handled by algos
12 GW assets under contract
Global presence
Unmatched market access
First mover
In intraday trading and renewable asset balancing

Your local contact

Energy market services like no other

As our partner, you benefit from:

  • Market-leading algorithmic trading setup
  • Backing by Equinor
  • 20 years of market experience
  • Unrivalled access to certificates, intraday and forward markets
10,000 MW
renewables under contract

2,000 MW
flexible assets under contract

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Tim Kummerfeld
Head of Intraday Power Trading
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Get in touch

Jens Tang
Head of European Origination
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