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Living in Aarhus

Although our outlook is not limited by any borders, Danske Commodities’ roots (and our headquarters) lie in Denmark’s second biggest city: Aarhus. Here, you can learn more about working and living in the city of smiles”.

High quality of life

Aarhus is perfect for anyone who enjoys the buzz of city life and the beauty of nature in equal measure. If you are into outdoor activities, you can enjoy the sea, stunning beaches and forests within easy reach from the city centre. All you really need to get around is a decent bicycle.

Forget Copenhagen, Aarhus is Denmark’s new capital of cool
The Independent

Student city

Education is a key focus area and a true point of difference for Aarhus. With more than 60,000 students, you will find one of the highest concentrations of students in northern Europe, and the general education level is twice as high as the rest of Denmark.

Families are welcome

According to international rankings by IMD, Denmark is at the top of the list when it comes to quality of life. Aarhus offers a high standard of living, an excellent work-life balance and a safe environment for your family and children. The city has an international school, which has been named the best school in Denmark, and an international day nursery. And because daycare is both high in quality and relatively inexpensive, career aspirations and a fulfilling family life are easily combined. Danske Commodities’ flexible work environment further supports this.

Culture at the forefront

Aarhus houses inspiring venues, theatres and museums, as well as a wide selection of shops, cafés and restaurants – including Michelin-starred ones. A condensed shopping experience combined with a sprawling cultural scene and an ambition of becoming a Co2 neutral city, gives the city a dynamic urban atmosphere. This is part of why Aarhus is one of the most attractive cities in Denmark.

Aarhus has an extraordinary creative vibe that spreads to every corner of the city, where cutting-edge art galleries and must-try restaurants cross paths with stunning architectural landmarks
The Culture Trip

Aarhus in short

  • The 2nd largest city in Denmark (1 million people in the greater Aarhus area)
  • Home to 60,000 students and a university ranked in the top 100 in the world
  • 49% of inhabitants have a higher education
  • Two airports within a 1‑hour drive (approx. 100 international destinations)
  • Home to many international companies besides Danske Commodities, such as Arla, Bestseller, Google, IBM, Johnson Controls and Vestas
  • Award-winning modern architecture established as a direct result of a blossoming population (increase of 1.3% per year)
  • A full-scale expat environment and high quality of life

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