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Services for energy consumers

As a corporate or industrial energy consumer, you need a partner that knows the energy value chain inside out, manages your risk profile and supports you on the road to becoming carbon neutral. Danske Commodities can accelerate your progress towards a greener future through a range of standard and tailored services.
How we work

Reaching your climate targets while protecting your costs

We work to maximise the potential of energy and want to ensure you meet your renewable energy needs while securing your energy costs. As a company of specialists, we can offer a range of tailored solutions to ensure you get the renewable power that will assist you on your way to becoming truly green.

What we offer energy consumers

Physical handling and balancing
Forecasting and trading of energy in spot, intraday and balancing markets, including TSO communication.
Financial hedging
Linking renewables producers with large-scale consumers through standard power purchase agreements.
Green certificates
Trading of all relevant green energy certificates to reduce CO2 emissions.
24/7 operations
In 40 markets across five continents.

Your local contact

Energy market services like no other

As our partner, you benefit from:

  • Market-leading algorithmic trading setup
  • Financial solidity, including a Baa1 Moody’s credit rating
  • Backing by Equinor
  • Almost 20 years of market experience
  • Unrivalled access to certificates, intraday and forward markets

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Jens Tang
Head of European Origination
Want to know how we can assist you? Contact Jens with your enquiry.