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Power trading

We are known as a leading power trader. With our activities now spanning across 42 countries globally, we process and analyse vast amounts of data every day to optimise our strategies and move energy to where it’s needed most.

Capturing opportunities

With fierce execution speed, innovative thinking and a tech-driven mindset, we unlock the potential of energy. We bring renewables to the market at scale, paving the way for a more sustainable future – and provide the flexibility needed to meet the energy demands and intermittency of renewable power generation. This is our place in the energy transition.

Unrivalled market presence

With trading activities across five continents, we have an unrivalled footprint in the markets for power trading and act as a catalyst for market development. Specialising in short-term and forward power trading, we use our extensive market presence to capture opportunities and bring electricity to the highest yielding markets. We operate 24/7/365, relying on our solid data analysis capabilities and first-rate dispatching setup to trade in forward, day-ahead and intraday markets. Like no other.

What we offer within power trading

Trading worldwide covering all delivery periods
Exchange, broker or OTC, covering all available time horizons from next hour to future calendar years
All types of profiles
We cover base, peak and customised profiles
Short-term power trading
Covering the spot market from day-ahead to intraday
Physical or financial settlements
We can facilitate trades with or without underlying physical power
Structured products
Standard futures, options and other structured products like PPAs
Forward power trading
Covering the derivatives market from yearly to daily contracts

Fusing trading and tech

As energy markets become increasingly complex, we fuse skills like coding and advanced analytics with well-proven trading strategies and market experience. Our traders are evolving into tech-driven trader hybrids, working as a collective with quants and software developers. And it’s paying off.

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years of market experience

205 TWh
power traded in 2023

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Anders Severin Kring Jensen
VP, Head of European Power Trading
Want to know more about our power trading activities? Contact Anders with your enquiry.