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Danske Commodities has a two-tier management structure. The Board of Directors supervises the performance of the company and participates in determining the company strategy. Senior Leadership is responsible for daily operations. No person serves as a member of both bodies.
Senior Leadership

Helle Østergaard Kristiansen

Helle Østergaard Kristiansen was born in 1978 in Hobro, Northern Jutland. For over a decade, she has been instrumental in shaping Danske Commodities and growing the organisation from 30 to the +500 employees we are today. Helle has previously occupied roles as CRO and CFO before becoming CEO in 2019 and has been named one of Fortune Magazine’s 50 international most powerful women three times. She currently serves as Vice Chair of Rambøll’s Board of Directors and board member of DSV A/S, Systematic A/S and ARoS Art Museum.

Helle has prior experience in the banking sector and holds a Master’s in Business Economics and Auditing from Aarhus University. She lives in Aarhus with her husband and three children.


Jakob Sørensen

CFO and VP, Head of Finance & Risk Management

  • Appointed to SL in April 2019.
  • Background: More than 15 years of experience from various positions in Danske Commodities, including Head of Power Markets and Head of Market Analysis.


Jesper Tronborg

VP, Head of Global Trading & Market Development

  • Appointed to SL in August 2014.
  • Background: Head of Trading & Origination at Danske Commodities. Head of Markets at Statoil Gazelle. Oil and gas trader at Energi Danmark. Various positions globally with Maersk Group.


Anders Severin Kring Jensen

VP, Head of European Power Trading

  • Appointed to SL in October 2022.
  • Background: More than 10 years of experience in energy trading, including positions as Head of Physical Asset Management at Centrica (formerly Neas Energy), Head of Renewables and Head of Intraday Power Trading at Danske Commodities.


Henrik Tveteraas

VP, Head of European Gas Trading

  • Appointed to SL in May 2024.
  • Background: More than ten years of experience in the financial and energy sector, including roles as Head of Gas Trading and Optimisation at Danske Commodities as well as Head of Trading and Chief Commercial Officer at Lind Capital.


Kristian Majland

CIO and VP, Head of Technology

  • Appointed to SL in November 2023.
  • Background: 20+ years of experience from the energy and banking sector. Previous roles include Director of IT at Centrica Energy, CTO at Spar Nord Bank and consultant at Nykredit.


Jonas Skovbjerg Hansen

VP, Head of People & Culture

  • Appointed to SL in September 2023.
  • Background: Various roles at Danske Commodities, including Talent Development Manager and Head of Rewards & Performance Management. People & Organisation Manager in Equinor’s MMP Low Carbon Solutions. Positions at Pharma Nord, Vestas and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Jesper Pape Larsen

VP, Head of Legal & Compliance

  • Appointed to SL in April 2019.
  • Background: Various legal roles at Danske Commodities, including Head of Legal & Compliance since 2014. Senior Legal Advisor at Vestas. Lawyer at Dahl Law.


Mads Schmidt Christensen

VP, Head of Strategy & Communications

  • Appointed to SL in October 2022.
  • Background: More than 10 years of experience from various strategic advisory and leadership roles at Danske Commodities, including Head of Project Management Office and Head of Corporate Development. Media spokesperson.


Board of Directors

Our Leadership Capability Framework

A strong culture is the greatest source of competitive advantage – and a company’s culture is the responsibility of its leaders. That is why we have developed seven leadership capabilities, calling on leaders to impact our business and grow our people. The principles are firmly incorporated in the way we think and practice leadership every day. They guide our leaders in ensuring a winning culture. For the benefit of our company, our people and our business partners.

The seven capabilities

  1. Strategic direction
  2. Performance drive
  3. Competitive edge
  4. Inspirational leadership
  5. People development
  6. Collaboration
  7. Living our values