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Danske Commodities supports the Paris Agreement and a net-zero future. Our business model is guided by the energy transition and we wish to play an active role in the expansion of a renewables-driven energy system.
Our purpose

We work for a viable energy future

Energy has always been a catalyst for change and growth. But with increasing energy demands come increasing emissions, leading to climate changes that can cause irreparable damage to our planet. The world is calling for an energy transition – and at Danske Commodities, we want to play our part. 

We believe real value lies in our actions and depends on the accumulated work done by every single one of us. Because sustainability is everybody’s business.

Sustainability targets

Carbon footprint
Reduced by 70% in 2030 compared to 2019 baseline
Green electricity
100% renewable energy (target achieved in 2021)
Employee satisfaction
80 (GELx index 0 – 100)
Female employees
Share of 30% in 2025

Environmental sustainability

Climate change cannot be ignored. We want to be part of the solution by reducing CO2 emissions and pushing the world toward a more sustainable future.

Our business model enables us to bring renewables to the market at scale. And through our portfolio of gas storages and assets, we provide the flexibility needed to meet the energy demands and intermittency of renewable power generation

Specifically, we:

  • balance and optimise the output generated from renewable energy resources like wind turbines and solar parks
  • provide flexibility by managing large-scale batteries, gas storages and production from combined heat and power plants
  • trade renewable energy certificates such EUAs, El-certs, ROCs and REGOs
  • explore emerging markets, including Power-to‑X and biofuels
Carbon reduction initiative

Cut the Carbon

Achieving carbon neutrality is an ongoing journey and we continuously strive to improve Danske Commodities’ business practices.

Our internal Cut the Carbon’ programme encompasses a long-term outlook on sustainability and addresses a variety of internal and external environmental challenges. The programme involves three main workstreams:

  1. Reducing carbon emissions
  2. Green mobility
  3. Recycling and waste

Social sustainability

We are powered by our people. Creating value for them – as well as the communities that surround us – is fundamental for Danske Commodities.

At the core of our social responsibility is a commitment to creating long-term shared and sustained value. We believe in building collaborative ways of working that foster mutual respect, support, and appreciation, leveraging our unique differences to achieve our goals. By empowering our people to make a positive impact on society, we strive to create a brighter future for all.

Diversity and inclusion

Diverse ideas lead to diverse solutions

We continuously work on strengthening a culture where everybody belongs and diverse teams thrive. That’s what creates the best and brightest ideas and enables us to build a viable energy future. Together.

More about our D&I approach


Our approach to: Code of Conduct and compliance

We have implemented a Code of Conduct setting out the principles for how we treat each other and how we conduct our business.

A strong compliance culture is critical for our company’s success and we make continuous efforts to raise awareness about the importance of compliance among our employees. We provide regular training, resources, and guidance to help them understand and adhere to applicable laws, regulations and company policies.

We understand the value of open communication and have a secure ethics helpline, enabling our employees to confidentially report any concerns or suspected misconduct. This system helps us maintain our commitment to ethical business practices and address potential issues proactively.

Our approach to: Tax

We will conduct our tax affairs with integrity, transparency, and accountability, and strive to build trust and confidence among our stakeholders. This means not only understanding the law but embodying the intention rather than just the written word. As a responsible corporate citizen, we welcome taxes as a part of giving back to society, and we strive to aid the authorities in the implementation and ensure they are applied on a level playing field. At the same time, we also believe that minimizing our tax liabilities within the bounds of the law is essential to remain competitive and achieve our financial goals.

Our approach to: Data and cyber security

Recognising the importance of data ethics, we are committed to handling data responsibly, respecting the privacy of our customers, employees and partners. Our data protection policies and procedures comply with relevant data protection laws and industry best practices. 

We take cyber security very seriously, as we understand that protecting our information assets is crucial for maintaining trust and ensuring business continuity. Our cyber security measures are designed to safeguard our systems and data from potential threats and we consistently invest in state-of-the-art technology as well as employee training to stay ahead of evolving cyber risks.

Energy transition podcasts

Whether you’re curious about what we do or our place in the energy transition, we’ve got you covered. Check out our podcasts and get a feel of what we’re all about.


Global Compact
We are member of Global Compact Denmark, pledging to be an active participant in pushing the world towards a more sustainable future.
Climate Alliance Aarhus
We joined Climate Alliance Aarhus to help the city reach its goal of achieving carbon neutrality in 2030.

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Senior Strategy Specialist
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