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Shape your career

There are no run-of-the-mill career paths at Danske Commodities. Instead, there are rewarding journeys that will expand your skills and horizon – and may take you in directions you didn’t think were possible.

We’re committed to your development

We offer a seat next to the greatest colleagues. You’ll get endless opportunities to grow and shape the energy of today and tomorrow, as well as your career. What you dream of and what level you reach for, is for you to decide. Often together with your leader.

A tailored plan

The starting point for your development is an individual development plan, offered to all our employees and tailor-made to suit your aspirations. All our leaders are trained coaches and capable of supporting your unique career path. The development plan should be seen as a concrete tool that enables you and your leader to explore your career aspirations and identify specific steps to help you on your development journey in Danske Commodities – and beyond.

But development isn’t limited to your development plan. It’s integrated into the way we work. Putting a spotlight on you having interesting and challenging tasks, responsibility from day one, highly capable and collaborative colleagues, as well as easy access to development, are all key ingredients for you to realise your potential.

Vast development opportunities

DC University
Our in-house university offers 50+ courses with external partners and colleagues that are subject experts within fields ranging from trading to problem-solving.
External courses
Access to remote courses through Harvard Learning as well as courses chosen by you and approved by your leader as part of your development plan.
DC Talks
Quarterly sessions where leading industry experts visit our headquarters and deep dive into various professional topics (and you’re welcome to invite your friends to join!).
Transfers that can bring you to another team, potentially in another part of the world. We also offer secondments within our parent company Equinor.
Tailored programmes
We offer several programmes tailored to wherever you are on your career journey and where your focus lies. Our Leadership Assessment Programme is one of them.

Pernille is like no other

An avid rider for more than 20 years, she flies over obstacles. Both on the track and on the job.

A learning culture

We build our approach to learning on the 70/20/10 model, as we learn most effectively from experience and through interactions with other people.

70 %
Learning by doing

Through tasks that interest and challenge you, getting responsibility from day one, having the opportunity to experiment, project work and setting aside time for reflection.

20 %
Learning through others

Through sparring and collaboration with highly skilled co-workers, mentoring from your leader and specialists, coaching and feedback

10 %
Learning through training

Planned learning through internal and external courses, talent programmes, inspirational presentations and so on.

Get in touch

Maiken Forsmann Christoffersen
People Development Specialist
Want to know more about the development opportunities we offer? Contact Maiken. She knows.