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Anne-Sophie’s career journey

A career in Danske Commodities can lead you in many different directions both in- and outside the company. We want to enable our employees to be the best possible versions of themselves, supporting whatever life stage they’re in or ambitions they may have. Here, you can meet Anne-Sophie and learn about her career journey.

My career path in Danske Commodities

I joined Danske Commodities in 2014 as a student employee in Power Trading. While I was studying my master’s, I decided to join the team full-time and became responsible for the operations in Power Markets, including developing tools for the traders, uploading bids and automating processes. After graduating, I became responsible for the operations in Intraday, which was a bit more complex as the shifts had to cover a 24/7 setup and scheduling and auctions were on a much shorter term, down to 15 minutes before actual delivery. Some years later, I became responsible for the entire team and took on the position as manager. This meant that I started spending more of my time on strategy, people development and process optimisation. I really enjoyed working with a more long-term vision for the team, like where did we envision the team moving towards and what was needed to get there. We spent a lot of time eliminating routine tasks and instead developing new value-creating tools for the traders.

After my maternity leave, I was ready to try something new to keep developing both professionally and personally. I realised from my experience working with strategy as a manager that this was the right path for me. And I then joined the Strategy & Communications team as Senior Strategy Analyst.

Benefits from cross-organisational experience in my current role

A big part of my job is driving the development and implementation process surrounding the unit strategies. In doing so, I benefit greatly from my network in Danske Commodities, having worked closely with stakeholders from both front and back office when developing trading tools. I also benefit from understanding how our business works. In developing a new corporate strategy, we are also defining new strategic initiatives and targets. Here, it is of course a great advantage that I understand the basics of some of the most important corner stones in our business like physical trading, algo trading and automation in general.

After my maternity leave, I was ready to try something new to keep developing both professionally and personally

My advice to those contemplating an alternative career journey

Go for it! Danske Commodities is uniquely good at trusting its people and providing them with new opportunities and responsibility. For me personally, I found that Danske Commodities is open to transferring people across the organisation as it benefits internal knowledge sharing and can strengthen retention. When I felt it was time for me to try a new challenge, my leader at the time was open to the idea and helped facilitate my transfer. I have also experienced it from the other side of the table when I was a manager – I would much rather that my team members were open about wanting to try new things so that we could openly discuss if this was an option in Danske Commodities – rather than just receiving a resignation. As a leader, you really do want to help your team grow and succeed, so I would advise you to trust your leader and let them help you identify and pursue new opportunities within the company. If you’re ready to venture outside your comfort zone, you’re definitely in the right place!