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Services for power producers

At Danske Commodities, we connect power generators to wholesale energy markets. We bring renewables to the market at scale, paving the way for a more sustainable future. And through our portfolio of conventional assets, we provide the flexibility needed to meet the energy demands and intermittency of renewable power generation.
How we work

Ensuring profitability for your park or plant

We work to optimise the value of energy. Through our 20 years of experience, we understand the challenges you are facing as an asset operator or developer. That is why we offer services that help mitigate your risks, ease your administration and ensure profitability.

What we offer

Renewables producers

As one of the leading participants in renewables generation, we balance and optimise the variable production output from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. With the help of our in-house meteorologists, market analysts and advanced forecasting models combined with our superior market access and around-the-clock availability, you will get the full value out of your renewable assets.

What we offer

Conventional producers

We provide the tools needed for asset owners to optimise production from the early planning phase until the power is delivered. Our trading capabilities allow conventional generators such as combined heat and power plants, biogas plants and process plants to capture profit from spot, intraday and reserve markets – and we dispatch to the highest yielding markets across the world.

What we offer power producers

Physical handling and balancing
Forecasting and trading of energy in spot, intraday and balancing markets, including TSO communication.
Financial hedging
Arranged as standard or structured power purchase agreements.
We enable asset owners’ participation in relevant reserve markets to support balancing of the grid.
Risk mitigation
We manage substantial market risk on behalf of our partners.
Green certificates
Trading of all relevant green energy certificates to reduce CO2 emissions.
24/7 operations
In 42 markets across five continents.

Your local contact

Energy market services like no other

As our partner, you benefit from:

  • Market-leading algorithmic trading setup
  • Financial solidity, including a Baa1 Moody’s credit rating
  • Backing by Equinor
  • Almost 20 years of market experience
  • Unrivalled access to certificates, intraday and forward markets
10,000 MW
renewables under contract

2,000 MW
flexible assets under contract

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Jens Tang
Head of European Origination
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