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Danske Commodities US

In 2019, Danske Commodities expanded its business activities to the US, setting up base in Stamford, Connecticut. Entering the US is another step in our strategy for global expansion.

Danske Commodities is a highly specialized power and gas trading company. We bring renewables to the market at scale, paving the way for a more sustainable future. And through our portfolio of gas storages and assets, we provide the flexibility needed to meet the energy demands and intermittency of renewable power generation. This is our place in the energy transition.

High ambitions and sound business practice

We are currently active in all ISO power markets. Given the similar price drivers, we can leverage on the experience built within meteorology, price forecasting, outage tracking and spread trading over the past 20 years of operating in Europe. Our experience in handling and processing vast amounts of data gives us an edge in the American power markets.

Going forward, we will continue to support Equinor’s growing trading activities in the US, combining high ambitions with sound business practices.

Living to transform energy markets

Our company was founded in 2004 when a young Danish entrepreneur saw potential in bringing divided national energy markets together through international trade. What started as a visionary idea is now a pioneering energy trading company based in Aarhus, Denmark, that promotes competition and connects producers, suppliers, and consumers across all of Europe’s liberalized markets.

In 2019, Danske Commodities was acquired by Norwegian energy major Equinor, providing it with an even stronger platform to further scale the business, which ultimately led us down the path of Australia and Brazil.

We are hiring

Energy like no other

We’re always looking for talented and ambitious employees for our trading teams, which is why you are always welcome to get in touch or leave an unsolicited application.

When you join Danske Commodities, you become part of a flat organization in a modern, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial work environment, where 75% of the employees hold a Master’s Degree or higher.

You’ll work with the best traders, business developers, number crunchers, strategic ninjas, and technology specialists, who are all passionate about their jobs and walk the extra mile to help each other succeed.

Want to learn more? Reach out through the contact details below.

Besides specializing in the handling and processing of vast amounts of data, we’ve established an edge in the us power markets through our long-term investment in a strong platform, hiring the best talents, and working as a team.
Thor Kalstrup
Head of US Power Trading
skilled people

TWh power traded in 2023

markets across five continents

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Thor Kalstrup
Head of US Power Trading
Want to know more about our activities in the US, or learn about potential job opportunities? Contact Thor for more information.