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Jonas’ career journey

A career in Danske Commodities can lead you in many different directions both in- and outside the company. We want to enable our employees to be the best possible versions of themselves, supporting whatever life stage they’re in or ambitions they may have. Here, you can meet Jonas and learn about his career journey.

My career path in Danske Commodities

I joined Danske Commodities in 2012 as a business analyst where I focused on the optimisation of Danish conventional assets. From there, I moved on to a new role as project manager in another team focused on assets.

Building on this experience, I later joined the Strategy & Projects team, where I was working on part-time projects and part-time strategy. Strategy quickly became a full-time interest and I took on a dedicated strategy role as a Senior Strategy Analyst in the team. In this role, I focused on unit strategies, including development, facilitation and implementation, and other strategic projects like defining Danske Commodities' competitive edge and drafting a CSR strategy.

After some years, I discussed career development with a mentor I was sparring with at the time, and together we identified a new path for me to pursue two of my great interests: people and leadership. That’s how I landed in HR, first as a talent development manager, building DC University and developing the Individual Development Plan (IDP) concept, and now as Manager, Head of Rewards & Performance Management.

My latest adventure is actually outside of Danske Commodities' headquarters as I take on a secondment in Norway with Equinor as HR Manager of Low Carbon Solutions. All in all, quite the ride when you look at it today.

Benefits from cross-organisational experience in my current role

First of all, I benefit from having experience with Danske Commodities' business on an operational and strategic level. Having now worked in both front and back office, I have a more holistic view of the business, which helps me approach projects that apply to the entire organisation. An example of this could be implementing a new bonus model. And having project management experience and solid presentation skills doesn’t hurt either.

Having worked in both front and back office, I have a more holistic view of the business.

My advice to those contemplating an alternative career journey

My first advice would be to grab the opportunity when it presents itself – even if it’s not exactly how or when you imagined it. Take secondments for instance. There will always be some planning needed and a few hassles to overcome, but for me personally, I couldn’t say no to the chance to get closer to the Equinor/Danske Commodities collaboration and experience how a huge company like Equinor approaches the People & Culture area. Second, I would remind you that many roads can lead to Rome. Don’t think that development is always vertical. If you are interested in leadership, the path to becoming a leader can also start by moving sideways. Take me for instance. I started moving sideways to work with something that interested me – people development – and it led to a leadership role a few years later.

Finally, I would encourage you to actively initiate the necessary conversations on career development with your leader. That was how I found my path within people and leadership.