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Danske Commodities signs balancing agreement with two wind farms in Sweden

Press release | Aarhus, Denmark - 14.12.2023
Energy trading company Danske Commodities announced today that it has signed balancing agreements for Ersträsk South and Ersträsk North in Sweden. The two wind farms have a combined capacity of 235 MW and mark the beginning for Danske Commodities’ Swedish renewables portfolio.

Under the agreement that was negotiated by Enercon Energy Partners (EEP) with Danske Commodities, Danske Commodities will provide market access and balancing services for Ersträsk South and Ersträsk North. The onshore wind assets were developed by Enercon and are managed by OX2. Combined, the two wind farms can produce 235 MW and in doing so will help support the energy transition. Sweden is scaling up its renewable energy generation and by 2030, the country aims to add 52 TWh from onshore wind, 65 TWh from offshore wind and 10 TWh from solar. With the influx of renewables in the Swedish energy mix, the need for balancing increases.

“We are proud to announce our balancing agreement with Ersträsk South and Ersträsk North. Danske Commodities has a proven track record with balancing assets with intermittent energy generation and we see a good opportunity to expand our service offerings to Sweden. Last year, we entered the Swedish market for flexible assets, and we are now starting to build a renewables portfolio in the region,” said Kalle Kastan, Senior Originator at Danske Commodities.

With 235 MW wind added to the portfolio, Danske Commodities is gearing up to build a substantial asset portfolio in Sweden, consisting of both renewables assets and flexible assets.

“We want to be a preferred partner for Swedish energy asset owners, with energy market services covering renewables, CHPs, biomass, waste and batteries. Building on 20 years of trading experience, we aim to create value for our customers through balancing and asset optimisation,” said Kastan.

Danske Commodities currently manages a contract portfolio of 10 GW across Europe in close collaboration with its customers consisting of energy producers and industrial consumers.

Facts about Ersträsk South

  • Asset type: onshore wind turbines
  • Location: Norrbotten, Sweden
  • Capacity: 101 MW
  • Developer: Enercon
  • Asset manager: OX2

Facts about Ersträsk North

  • Asset type: onshore wind turbines
  • Location: Norrbotten, Sweden
  • Capacity: 134 MW
  • Developer: Enercon
  • Asset manager: OX2
  • Operational since: October 2023


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