Danske Commodities consistently delivers strong financial performance through a keen focus on our core business, while at the same time continuously optimising our operating model, improving scalability and maintaining a stable cost base.


Utilising our unique expertise within our core business, we generated yet another strong financial result in 2016 with an EBIT of EUR 33.7 million. With this strong financial result, Danske Commodities proves its position as a solid business partner. 



EURm in 2016

Gross Profit


EURm in 2016

Return on Equity


% in 2016


We are committed to long-term, tightly controlled growth. One side of that coin is trading and services. The other is Risk Management. Risk Management is a key element in Danske Commodities’ daily operations and our risk framework is anchored in the Board of Directors and the Risk Committee. 

Danske Commodities’ Risk Management operates within the following main risk categories:

  • Market risk
  • Credit risk
  • Operational and IT risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Compliance risk
  • Legal risk

We perform compliance checks to serve you better and manage risks more prudently. Please visit our Know Your Customer (KYC) page for more information.

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Clear direction

A solid performance requires a clear direction. Our experienced Senior Management Group and board provide the framework for how we conduct business.

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Media enquiries

Do you have a media enquiry or want to read our press releases, articles and cases?

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Reporting of concerns

Our whistleblower setup makes it possible to report any potential inappropriate and illegal conduct in Danske Commodities in a secure and confidential way.