Danske Commodities is committed to be a responsible business partner as well as an active participant in pushing the world towards a sustainable future. Acting with responsibility is firmly embedded in our culture, values and business practices. Take a look how below.

Our approach


Danske Commodities strives to create long-term growth for the company while at the same time supporting the ongoing development of a more efficient, transparent and economically viable energy market.

We are part of the transition towards more green energy across the globe by connecting wind turbines and solar panels to the markets.

Supported by our vision of trading for an efficient tomorrow, our approach to sustainability covers four main themes: Ethics, equality, people and planet.



We are committed to being a responsible market participant that supports a well-functioning, stable market and mitigates the risk of market abuse.

Our ethical standards disclose that we do not tolerate employees’ use or acceptance of bribery or corruption. Our compliance policy defines the relevant areas of work for our compliance programme and includes anti-abuse regulations and anti-crime (money laundering, VAT fraud, bribery and corruption).

We have a whistleblower procedure, which gives stakeholders a channel to freely and anonymously express any irregularities or violations of the law.


Danske Commodities respects and continuously embeds human rights in business processes. We do not accept employees’, customers’, partners’ or other stakeholders’ violation of human rights, neither through direct participation nor silent assistance.

Our focus areas are to avoid discrimination, maintain a high personal safety and security level and protect the privacy of the individual in accordance with GDPR. To proactively maintain a high personal safety level, we have a Work Environment Organisation with a safety committee.

We believe that a diversified workforce benefits innovation and outperforms homogeneous teams. Our recruitment process supports finding the right candidate in relation to the strategic objectives, evaluating applicants equally regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion and sexual orientation.


We have a high focus on employee development, health and proactively boosting performance and motivation.

All employees in Danske Commodities have been offered Individual Development Plans. Research into the younger generations of the workforce confirms that direction and a continuous feeling of progression is on the top of their agenda. We have a young and ambitious workforce, which is why providing such longer-term career perspectives is essential for keeping employees engaged.

Danske Commodities provides a healthy work environment and takes responsibility for the well-being of its employees. We introduce monthly topics from DC Health ambassadors to inspire all employees to lead a healthy lifestyle and our DC Sports volunteers organise sporting events on a regular basis throughout the year. In addition, we have implemented 16 weeks' paid paternity leave.


Danske Commodities supports the transition towards a greener and more efficient energy market by connecting wind turbines and solar panels to the markets.

Power is one of the most volatile tradable commodities. Increasing the amount of renewables in the energy mix means increasing risk, as changing weather conditions challenge a secure energy supply. We mitigate these inherent risks by helping TSOs balance national energy markets through balancing services and cross-border trading.

Further, we apply an environmentally aware approach in all our everyday activities, aiming for complete carbon neutrality. This is realised in our sustainability programme, "Cut the Carbon".



In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Danske Commodities joined the UN Global Compact as subsidiary member and supports all UN SDGs.

We focus on advancing SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy), where we make a difference through our business. Also, we support SDG 12 and SDG 13 – pledging to be an active participant in pushing the world towards a more sustainable future.


UN Sustainable Development Goals Danske Commodities
Sustainability projects


By identifying and supporting sustainability projects that are closely linked to our business, we wish to empower people and seek to make a difference to the society we are a part of.

At Danske Commodities, we believe that a dedicated and measurable approach to sustainability can make a lasting impact and lead to real societal change.

And we are serious about it, too. We evaluate potential projects and calculate the positive effects for society, making sure that we create the biggest impact possible.


To assess potential new projects, we employ five criteria, which express our view on social responsibility and represent our expectations to current and potential projects. We are committed to long-term and clearly defined goals of impact.

Every year, we measure the effects of our contributions and develop reports to ensure that we are constantly making a difference to those who need it most.

Benin Shines


In collaboration with Danish NGO, PlanBørnefonden, we have initiated the project 'Benin Shines', which educates 100 solar energy electricians in Benin.

We want to help provide access to renewable energy in one of the world's poorest countries and harvest Benin's most promising energy source - the sun. 

The education gives access to the job market for the young people in Benin. Also, the project opens up the field of electricity to girls, because the programme has a special focus on empowering women, as 60% of the participants are female.

Danske Commodities Sustainability Access to Education
Light over Mali
Danske Commodities CSR Light over Mali


With our 'Light over Mali' project we provide electricity to thousands of people, who are living without energy today, thereby significantly improving their living conditions. 

The aim of the project is to provide village schools and health clinics with solar panels, making the rural Malinese population less dependent on natural lighting. The solar panels generate and store energy during the day, and the energy can then be used when the night falls.

This means that schools can educate the adult population of the villages at night, when they are not working. The same goes for health clinics, who are now able to treat people in spite of it being dark outside. 

Every year


new Malinese villages are provided with solar panels

Every year


families recieve solar-driven homework lamps

Every year


Malians are given access to light


Measurable results are at the core of DC's approach to sustainability and responsibility. Only then can we be sure that the effects of our contributions are making a difference. That is why we publish a Social Return on Investment (SROI) report every year.

This year, Light over Mali provided electricity to 12,000 Malians after dark and generated +400,000 hours of light by supplying renewable energy to rural villages in Mali.

On that basis, our 2020 report shows that for every 1 DKK we spend on Light over Mali, a value of 3.23 DKK is generated to society.

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Reporting of concerns

Our Ethics Helpline makes it possible to report any potential inappropriate and illegal conduct in Danske Commodities in a secure and confidential way.

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Modern Slavery Statement

Being part of Equinor, we continuously work to embed human rights and implement adequate human rights due diligence processes into the way we conduct our business. Read our Group statement here.

Cut the Carbon
Cut the Carbon


In 2019, we decided to cut the carbon and become carbon neutral, but the journey will not end here. Learn how we continue our efforts here.