As a trading house working around the clock in many different systems, IT has always been a top priority at Danske Commodities. We have a best-in-class IT set-up, develop many of our systems and tools in-house and host them ourselves.


A career in Danske Commodities' IT unit means working with up-to-date systems and the best people. Geeks and suits work side by side across five different teams with many more specialised subteams, providing everything from infrastructure services to business intelligence and software development.

Educational backgrounds within our IT teams vary a lot depending on the team, and range from degrees within business to IT support and computer science.

Learn more about a few of our focus areas below.

One of the secrets behind our success is Business and IT working closely together - together we can do so much!

Rasmus Lundgaard Pedersen, Head of IT


At Danske Commodities, we are very focused on having a strong link between IT and the core business. Our Business Analysts and Project Managers help improve the business operations across DC and the current trend is clear: More markets, more systems, more people, more competitors.

Therefore, our Business Analysts play a key-role in translating business needs and specifying requirements to our developers. We cover all aspects of business analysis, tools development, IT architecture governance and project management, always aiming for the right solution in every project. As a result, we enhance DC's performance through our trading tools, streamlined processes, and efficient solution designs.

In addition, our strong project management skills are what allow us to deliver on the business needs and develop the right solutions outlined by our business analysts. Together, we optimise our project portfolio, constantly striving towards optimally allocating our resources to the projects and tasks that create the most value for DC.


Work with the best and develop your skills within some of the most exciting business areas in Denmark. That’s Data Engineering & Architecture in Danske Commodities.

Every day, we empower business users, data scientists and data analysts to discover, explore and analyse relevant data. Using modern services and tools, we ensure the best possible support for data-driven decision-making. We create value on both an operational and a strategic level – supporting the entire organisation with high-impact data solutions that leverage the entire tool stack. This includes building (and advising on) commercial opportunities, internal process optimisations and complex strategic initiatives. We work closely with the business, are curious, love data and are driven by a fast-paced, innovative and challenging environment.


The energy market evolves rapidly and so does our business. It is a complex and exciting domain. Agile methodologies, new technologies and innate domain knowledge are core for our ability to support the everchanging demands. We solve all the software development needs of Danske Commodities and work on value adding solutions to all parts of the business.

Danske Commodities' developers work to a very high standard and we constantly strive to better our craftsmanship and professionalism. The technology stack we work with is modern and continuously evolving. Distributed systems, microservices and asynchronous messaging is something we work with every day. In fact, it forms the basis for our ability to efficiently solve business needs. In combination with our continuous deployment setup it enables us to push changes to production everyday quickly and effortlessly.


IT Operations & Services is the engine room for our organisation’s technical commodities. We are the frontline of technical support and strive to provide services that run in a high availability setup with dual datacenters, ensuring that our company’s technical assets are running smoothly and always function at the highest possible level.

Danske Commodities' System Engineers support, create and update systems used by every employee in the organisation - weighing and tailoring technical solutions to our colleagues' every need. With the aim of delivering the best solutions, we continuously educate ourselves to keep up with the current trends and standards, such as Ignite and SQL-Pass, and we always seek to better ourselves and enhance our colleagues' experience with improved hardware and software.


Astrid Storm Graversen


Position: Head of Data Engineering & Architecture - Operations

Education: Master's in Information Technology

Fun fact: I'm an amateur opera singer

Kimie Sønderby Thomsen


Position: IT Process & Governance Specialist

Education: Master's in Information Technology

Fun fact: I have a hunter's license

Michael Barrett


Position: Lead Data Architect

Education: Master's in business and computer science

Fun fact: I once accidentally killed a flying bird with a golf ball - it actually got stuck inside the bird

Simon Meyer


Position: Head of PMO & Business Analysis

Education: Master's in Finance & International Business

Fun fact: Even though I’m employed in IT, I recently asked for the “Wifi cable”

Bjarne Abraham


Position: Senior IT Systems Engineer & Infrastructure Architect

Education: IT- and Electronic Technician

Fun fact: I once crashed a hot air balloon in a private backyard

Maria Medelby

Maria Medelby

Position: Senior Process Improvement & Automation Consultant

Education: Master’s in Management Accounting and Control

Fun fact: I dislike literally all types of fish. Even crispy fish nuggets and sushi

Kristian Andersen


Position: Lead Software Developer

Education:  Master's in Computer Science

Fun fact: I can verify that it is possible to throw up wearing diving gear without choking

Daniel Wildenschild


Position: IT Systems Engineer

Education: IT Systems Engineering

Fun fact: I'm of noble heritage

Maria Terp-Nielsen

Maria Terp-Nielsen

Position: IT Business Partner

Education: Master’s in International Business

Fun fact: I once had a pony and competed in Eventing competitions ("equestrian triathlon")

Rasmus Lundgaard Pedersen

Rasmus Lundgaard Pedersen

Position: CIO and Head of IT

Education: Master's in IT

Fun fact: I have worked with IT in special circumstances; being part of a Red Cross Relief Operation in Northern Uganda in 2007 following severe floodings

Kiril Proykov


Position: Head of Process Improvement & Automation

Education: Master's in Business Intelligence

Fun fact: I am a big World of Warcraft nerd

Tony Frydensberg

Tony Frydensberg

Position: Head of IT Sox Compliance

Education: Bachelor's in IT Engineering

Fun fact: I have dived several times with bull sharks, the third deadliest shark in the world

Jakob Arendt Rasmussen

Jakob Arendt Rasmussen

Position: Software developer

Education: PhD in Theoretical Physics and Nanoscience

Fun fact: I play saxophone and have 6 children

Morten Rasmussen

Morten Rasmussen

Position: Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Education: Master's Business Intelligence

Fun fact: I can deadlift more than 250 kg

Arne Højgaard Poulsen

Arne Højgaard Poulsen

Position: Head of ETRM Programme Management

Education: Bachelor's in Electronic Engineering

Fun fact: I'm an avid beekeeper

Khoa Van Vu

Khoa Van Vu

Position: Business Intelligence Consultant

Education: Master's in Business Intelligence

Fun fact: I used to be a blackjack and poker dealer



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