The people of Danske Commodities are our company's greatest assets. It may sound like a smart catch-phrase – but it's not. The success of our company is built on having the brightest minds working across the entire organisation: On our trading floors, in our customer business and in our back office. Meet a few of our bright minds here.

Andreas Moltke-Leth

Andreas Moltke-Leth

Position: Junior Executive Assistant 

Education: Economics and Business Administration 

Fun fact: I was a professional tennis player and once played Rafael Nadal 

Pernille Maibom Refsgaard

Pernille Maibom Refsgaard

Position: Market risk analyst

Education: Master’s in Management Accounting and Control

Fun fact: In my spare time I practice show jumping (horseback riding has been a part of my life for 20 years)

Amit De

Amit De

Position: Quantitative developer

Education: PhD in Mathematics

Fun fact: I have recently taken up fencing

Guillaume de Kervénoaël

Guillaume de Kervénoaël

Position: Quantitative analyst

Education: Master's in Engineering

Fun fact: I recently had my first face to face with a seal while surfing off the Danish coast

Andreas Schwartz Knudsen

Andreas Schwartz

Position: Strategy analyst

Education: Master’s in Finance

Fun fact: I once won a golf tournament with a broken arm

Arne Højgaard Poulsen

Arne Højgaard Poulsen

Position: Head of PMO, IT

Education: Bachelor's in Electronic Engineering

Fun fact: I'm an avid beekeeper

Line Vestergaard Larsen

Line Vestergaard Larsen

Position: HR partner

Education: Master’s in Information Studies

Fun fact: I have completed two marathons

Lasse Klokker Hansen

Lasse Klokker Hansen

Position: Quantitative Analyst

Education: Master's in Economics and Finance

Fun fact: Even though I will never be the coolest kid in the skatepark, I really like skateboarding

Mads Schmidt Christensen

Mads Schmidt Christensen

Position: Head of Strategy and Communications

Education: Master's in Philosophy and Business Administration 

Fun fact: I’ve played football for the Greenlandic national team

Bianca Riis Grønkjær

Bianca Riis Grønkjær

Position: Trade controller

 Office assistant with administration

Fun fact: In my younger days I was an elite swimmer

Tobias Basse

Tobias Basse

Position: Trading analyst

Education: PhD in Theoretical Cosmology

Fun fact: I know how to fly a hot air balloon

Jakob Arendt Rasmussen

Jakob Arendt Rasmussen

Position: Software developer

Education: PhD in Theoretical Physics and Nanoscience

Fun fact: I play saxophone and have a 6th child on the way

Inge Marie Kristensen

Inge Marie Kristensen

Position: Head of IT

Education: Diploma in Economics

Fun fact: I used to beat all the boys in armwrestling as a child in school 

Mikkel Graversen

Mikkel Graversen

Position: Senior Quantitative Analyst 

Education: Master's Degree in Mathematics and Economics

Fun fact: One of my relatives was a former Danish prime minister

Pernille Westergaard


Position: Head of Credit Risk Management

Education: Master’s in Economics and Management

Fun fact: I once participated as a gymnast in the finals of a trampoline contest with two broken toes

Jens Bruun

Jens Bruun

Position: Executive assistant to CEO

Education: Master's in Finance

Fun fact: I was born 10 weeks early

David Carter

David Carter

Position: Gas trader

Education: Honours in Accounting and Finance

Fun fact: I qualified for the British Olympic Swimming Trials in 2012

Astrid Hokken

Astrid Hokken

Position: Marketing specialist

Education: Master's in English and Media Studies

Fun fact: I've lived in five different countries across three continents before I was 12 years old

Anders Damm Johansen

Anders Damm Johansen

Position: Head of Intraday Asset Trading

Education: Master’s in Finance and International Business

Fun fact: I’ve practiced bowling as a sport

Fabrice Loudet


Position: Senior Software Developer

Education: Master's in Computer Science

Fun fact: I'm a swing dance teacher

Mia Busk Hedegaard

Mia Busk Hedegaard

Position: IT Partner & Project Manager

Education: Master's in Strategy, Organisation and Leadership

Fun fact: I'm a foodie with my own food blog

Kim Bentzen

Kim Bentzen

Position: Senior Meteorologist

Education: Bachelor's in Meteorology

Fun fact: Even though I've studied Meteorology, I've spent half of my career in Sales

Peter Nicks

Peter Nicks

Position: Analyst

Education: Bachelor's in Mathematics and French

Fun fact: I toured Europe with choirs on 3 separate occasions while I was in elementary/high school

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