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Trading, automation & analysis

Anders Berg Damm

Head of US Short-Term Power Trading
Master’s in Finance and International Business
Employed since
Feb 2012
Fun fact
I’ve practiced bowling as a sport

My background

During my studies, I applied for a student position in Intraday Trading in 2012, as I wanted some study-related work. I thought this could be a step towards full-time employment, which DC luckily offered me before handing in my thesis.

Why I wanted to work for DC

I had read about DC and heard from two student peers that it was an interesting company – that is what made me send the application and I believe my student peer, who today is still a colleague, put in a good word for me to my boss at the time.

What I do

My role in DC's US Power Trading team is two-fold. Firstly, I am focusing on building a cash trading desk which involves market access and pre-trade analysis for the markets we are targeting. Secondly, I will be the focal point for supporting the route-to-market activities for Equinor's renewable assets in the US, including the current off-shore wind farms Equinor has in the pipeline.

My typical workday

Right now, I am spending my time planning the trading setup and the short-term strategy to capture new opportunities in the US market. To prepare for this, I try to gather and read as much information as possible about the markets we are targeting and monitor the trading screens until we start trading ourselves.

Recruitment and setting the best team with the best people is always top of mind.

The best part of my job

Working with so many skilled and passionate people!