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Anne Sofie Amstrup

Head of Business Controlling
Master's in Economics and Management
Employed since
Jun 2013
Fun fact
I am pretty good at picking up things with my feet

My background

I grew up in Randers with my parents and two younger siblings. After high school I moved to Aarhus to study. My professional career started in DC. I started as a student employee in June 2013 and got employed full time while writing my master's degree in the spring of 2014. In DC I have worked in two different departments: I started in Dispatching (now Power Trading Operations) and took part in building up the support of the Intraday team. In 2018 when I came back from my first maternity leave I moved to the Business Controlling team and worked as a business controller until the summer 2019, where I was promoted to manager for the team.

Why I wanted to work for DC

When I applied for the student position back in 2013 I knew a few people already working here, and my impression was that it was a company with great growth and a company that put a lot of responsibilities on their employees. The reality for sure has lived up to these expectations. More or less from day one I have been given a lot of responsibility and I really enjoy working here.

What I do

As the manager of the Business Controlling team I am responsible for heading the team in the right direction and that the people in the team are motivated and happy to work here. That includes prioritisation and delegation of assignments, sparring with employees and colleagues. I am also involved in the operations of the team which include development and optimisation of financial processes (primarily using SQL), P&L reporting and monthly closing.

My typical workday

As most people in DC would say, my days vary a lot. Some days I use all my time on leadership things like one-to-ones, meetings or strategy talks. Other days I use time on developing tools or assist others in fixing various problems or processes. When new products are onboarded in DC (which happen quite often) or new technology systems are implemented I am involved to give inputs and to make sure our financial processes are ready to handle the new product or system.

My impression was that it was a company with great growth and a company that put a lot of responsibilities on their employees.

The best part of my job

The best part is definitely to be around the greatest colleagues in the finance unit. I especially value that no matter how busy we are the mood is high and we can always make each other laugh.