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People & Communications

Astrid Hokken

Head of Marketing & Branding
Master's in English and Media Studies
Employed since
Dec 2014
Fun fact
I've lived in five different countries across three continents before I was 12 years old

My background

Being half Dutch, half Danish, born in the USA and having grown up in South America and Asia, I have an innate feeling that anything is possible - and I always want to make the most of things and push the agenda. I moved to Denmark when I was 12 and have been living in the Aarhus area ever since, where I've studied English and Media studies, which makes me a bit of an outsider at DC. Fortunately, they don't leave anything numbers-related up to me!

Why I wanted to work for DC

I had worked in an organisation which supports start-ups and businesses with growth potential before coming to Danske Commodities, and had heard that DC was an inspiring and entrepreneurial company with an amazing growth story. I also knew that it was a very internationally oriented company, which really sealed the deal for me and made me apply.

What I do

I work in the Strategy & Communications team. Our job is twofold: we support our Senior Management Group and business teams by helping develop strategies that set the direction of the company and we are in charge of supporting DCs brand. I help with the latter, mainly through marketing assignments.

My typical workday

I am fortunate enough to have very diverse assignments, which vary from helping conceptualise many projects - such as our videos and website - to creating content for on- and offline use. A typical day would include time in front of the computer, where I update our website and create social media posts, and time spent in meetings, either brainstorm meetings about different projects or alignment meetings with any business teams that may need marketing support. I also spend time working with external agencies, helping during video shoots, getting practicalities in order for fairs and many other things.

We try to come up with different and fun things that show the core of DC and focus a lot on our people, which I think is quite unique in this business.

The best part of my job

The openness to ideas and suggestions - even if they are on the crazy side sometimes. We try to come up with different and fun things that show the core of DC and focus a lot on our people, which I think is quite unique in this business. Also, I really appreciate working in a team where we complement each other so well. We really make each other better and laugh every single day, which is a crucial thing, if you ask me.