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Education: Master's in Business
Position: Regional Relationship Manager
Employed since: June 2012
Fun fact: I have traveled to more than 60 countries


I was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia. As a student of Business I have spent many of my summers in USA, working various student jobs.

My first “real” job was as a Tax intern at PwC. While working there, I got in contact with DC. The company immediately seized my attention and I applied for a Country Manager position in Croatia.

Branimir Beljan


While working in PwC, I heard of Danske Commodities, this cool new, vibrant company that was just entering South East Europe.

I checked the website and I liked everything I saw; highly proficient business and a company full of young people that celebrate success on company trips to places like Dubai.

It feels great to be on the brink of this change and participate in making our planet a greener and better place

Branimir Beljan, Regional Relationship Manager


I am the Regional Relationship Manager in the Cross Border Power Trading unit, which covers several markets for DC; namely Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Ukraine. As a Director of our local subsidiary my goal is to make sure that business is done smoothly without regulatory problems and that we do not miss any business opportunities.

I am also the first point of contact for our customers in these countries; some costumers have tenders for power purchase, some want PPAs for their wind parks, some need Gas or GOs and EUAs. As such, I have daily contact with costumers on one side and stakeholders within the company on another side.

We also work on some long term projects that will make sure that our business is strong and profitable in the future.


Usually, I split my time between routine work (i.e. reporting to authorities and preparing reports), working on projects (i.e. entering a new country with a certain product) and working on relationships with costumers (meeting counterparties, utilities and regulators).

This creates good dynamics that keeps me motivated, and it is very important as I am the only employee in the countries that I cover.

Branimir Beljan the best part about my job


The best part of my job is when we do something new, especially within renewable energy. Either entering a market with a new product or making a new business model. We live in a dynamic world and energy markets are changing dramatically.

It feels great to be on a brink of this change and participate in making our planet a greener and better place. I enjoy exploring how the new energy landscape will look like in the future and how we in DC can be part of it.

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