Meet Lasse Klokker Hansen

Education: Master's in Economics & Finance
Position: Quantitative Analyst
Employed since: July 2014
Fun fact:  Even though I will never be the coolest kid in the skatepark, I really like skateboarding


I grew up playing ice hockey and the drums in a suburb outside Odense. I no longer play the drums but two years ago I started playing ice hockey again after a 10-year break. Old boys hockey runs at a slower pace (luckily), but is still just as fun!

I have a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance, started as a student employee at DC and was excited to get the opportunity to continue here when I graduated.

Lasse Klokker Hansen


I have always wanted to work close to a financial market. I discovered DC and knew right away that it was the company that I wanted to work for. Not only was it a young and dynamic trading company, but it was also small enough for everybody to have quite a lot of impact and a short way to top management with ideas.

I have always wanted to work close to a financial market. I discovered DC and knew right away that it was the company that I wanted to work for.

Lasse Klokker Hansen, Quantitative Analyst


My job consists of making the most of all the data we have available in DC. Working with structured products, simulations and complex models is how we get an edge, and in the team we push to develop and enhance these models every day. Mostly, I work on projects related to how we are pricing structures or how to make lives easier for portfolio managers, so that they can act on changes to weather forecasts or market prices. Data is worth nothing if not turned into knowledge and this is what I try to do at DC.


I think my day is very typical for a Quant. I get coffee, fiddle with data, get more coffee and fiddle with even more data. Most of the work I do revolves around a project or a model that needs enhancement or some sort of update. This most often entails coding in R or SQL, and when I get better at it, Python.

Lasse Klokker Hansen best part about my job


Many people search for a job that challenges them, to feel that the work they do is a part of something bigger, and to have fun, smart and great colleagues. This is DC in a nutshell.

In addition to this, I don't think I was hired necessarily to be told what to do, but instead to figure out how to solve problems. These things combined makes my job great!

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