Meet Martin Lynnerup

Education: Master's in Architechture
Position: Brand Designer
Employed since: December 2012
Fun fact: I have walked the 'Camino De Santiago' pilgrimage across Spain (appr. 1000 km. in total)


I am probably the only person in DC with a Master's degree in architecture. I started working for DC when I was still studying, Back then, DC didn't have a dedicated branding/marketing team. I was hired to develop business brochures and mixed graphics for DC's websites. As time went by, my responsibilities grew and by the time I finished my studies, I was so intrigued by the possibility to develop DC's branding and marketing that I decided to stay - even though I was about to move to Copenhagen. By now, I have forgotten all about bricks and concrete. 

Martin Lynnerup


When I started in DC as a student employee, I was amazed about how open people were to my ideas - even though I came from a very different background than most of DC. No matter if I presented ideas for my team, my manager or for the leadership group, they always listened with an open mind. I think very few places give you such a high degree of freedom to explore your ideas and take responsibility for your work area. Once my student time came to an end, this was a decisive reason why I chose to leave my architectural background and go full time in DC. 

I think very few places give you such a high degree of freedom to explore your ideas and take responsibility for your work area.

Martin Lynnerup, Corporate Designer


Today, I'm part of the Strategy & Communications team. My responsibilities include a lot of different tasks that all evolve around branding and marketing - both on a strategic and on a practical level. I take part in developing and producing all of DC's marketing material. This includes both websites, annual reports, brochures, fair stands, merchandise and videos - most of which are produced in-house. When the business or leadership has important projects to communicate, I also help them develop creative concepts and presentation material for that. Furthermore, I'm responsible for developing and executing DC's branding strategy and governance framework.


My workdays look very different depending on the time of the year and what projects are going on. In quiet periods, I keep normal work hours and I spend my time working on brand governance tasks and smaller projects like social media videos, different presentations and website content. In other periods, for example when we are about to launch a new annual report or a new corporate strategy, I'm all-in on that particular project and I have much longer work hours.

Martin Lynnerup best part about my job


A lot of good things can be said about my job and about DC as a workplace, but I really like that my job entails both the practical production tasks and strategic branding. Furthermore, I work in a small and tight-knit team where we know each other very well, both personally and professionally. We have an extremely open and candid approach to the work we do and we are good at involving each other in different projects. All this gives me a very wide understanding of my work field and a very varying work week where two days rarely look the same.

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