Meet Mie Bisgaard Weimar

Education: Master's in Mathematics and Economics

Position: Credit Risk Analyst

Employed since: November 2019

Fun fact: I have qualified in and attended the Danish championships in dressage five times, and competed internationally too


I grew up on a farm on Funen in the countryside with my parents and four siblings. Here, I attended the local school and worked in the local supermarket. After high school I was working four jobs to save up to a trip around the world. I went to Thailand, Australia, Fiji and USA where I, among other things, acquired a diving certificate and skydived over the Great Barrier Reef. After two sabbatical years, I started at the university in Aarhus to study Mathematics and Economics, acquiring a Master's degree in the summer of 2021.

In my spare time, I do horseback riding which has been a hobby of mine since I was 5 years old. I have been competing in dressage on an international level, thus spending countless hours in the stable while attending both primary school and high school, and all the way through university.

Mie Bisgaard Weimar


After moving to Aarhus, I was looking for a student job. I had heard from friends who lived in Aarhus about Danske Commodities and its strong reputation among students in Aarhus. As there were no open positions at the time, I started sending an unsolicited job application and was contacted a few days later with the message that there would be some open positions within a few days. I applied for a position in Treasury and Credit Risk, and luckily, I got the job and started in November 2019.

I really like the diversity in the tasks within my team, which gives me the opportunity to learn new things every day

Mie Bisgaard Weimar, Junior Analyst


I work as a Credit Risk Analyst in the Risk Management unit. The most important job in our team is to assess and monitor which products traders and brokers are allowed to trade with each counterparty. We are always trying to optimise our processes, which is why a big part of my job is to develop new and existing tools within the team.


The only predictable task in my job is that I start the day by updating the traders and brokers on which products they are allowed to trade, based on the current exposures we have towards each counterparty. After this task is finished, no days are alike.

Some days I have a specific trading case which has to be reviewed within the team which sometimes also includes involving other teams in DC. Other days I work on developing or optimising new or existing tools to help us monitor the daily credit risk.

Mie Bisgaard Weimar best part about my job


I really like the diversity in the tasks within my team, which gives me the opportunity to learn new things every day. Also, I like the work environment in DC, which is both very professional - something that motivates me in my job - and very open-minded, which makes it easy to make good relations to people in and outside my team.

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